1000 Trees

Help us create a luscious environment to
surround the brand new facility.
Buy a tree today and invest in the future
of Caudwell Children.

1000 Trees

Since 2000, Caudwell Children has supported over 25,000 families, with over 600 medical conditions, to the tune of over £37 million! We are on this amazing journey together, and very soon we will be embarking on the next major step in the future of Caudwell Children.

aerial view of the Caudwell International Childrens Centre

Support children with autism

In early 2018 we will open the doors to the stunning Caudwell International Children’s Centre, in Keele, North Staffordshire. This will be the UK’s first independent purpose-built facility dedicated to providing multi-disciplinary assessment, support and research of neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism.

As you can tell by looking at the aerial image of the building – it looks absolutely stunning – but there’s no escaping the fact that the immediate surrounding area is in need of landscaping – and that’s where YOU come in!

Our ambitious plan is to plant 1000 trees and shrubs around the site. This space will not only look great, but will serve as an instant natural playground for children and their families to enjoy.

A luscious, natural environment

Whether spending time scavenging for fruit or simply chilling out in the woodland, our 1000 Trees will allow all disabled children to feel rejuvenated and relaxed while visiting the Centre. By supporting our campaign, you will be helping to create an inspirational setting for an inspirational facility.

In exchange for your donation, your name will be featured on a permanent ‘1000 Trees Thank You’ plaque. You’ll also receive a special certificate, accreditation on our dedicated facebook page and an invitation to visit the centre to see how your contribution has helped to support all our great work.

Two employees planting trees at the new building
Price list for 1000 trees campaign

Purchase your very own tree or

butterfly-friendly plant!



Illustration of 1000 trees billboard

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