Case Study

  • Aug192016
    young boy smiling

    Freddie – Autism

    Freddie and his family are able to travel freely thanks to specialist car seat! Freddie was diagnosed with autism at…

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  • Aug062016

    Antonia – EDS

    My name’s Antonia, I’m 18 and I have not left hospital for over three years. After I suddenly became unwell…

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  • Jul192016
    autistic child on his therapy tricycle

    Elijah – Autism

    10-year-old Elijah is riding his therapy tricycle freely and safely outside with his friends and family! Elijah was diagnosed with Autism…

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  • Jul072016

    Hollie – Cystic Fibrosis

    Hi, I’m Hollie. I’m 10 years old and I have Cystic Fibrosis. My mum has told me that I have…

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  • Jun262016
    boy in wheelchair smiling with father

    Dylan – Muscular Dystrophy

    My name is Dylan, I’m 13 years old, I have Muscular Dystrophy and can’t walk anymore… but that doesn’t mean I can’t…

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  • May282016

    Eddie – Autism

    My name is Eddie, I’m 16-years-old and when I was younger I was diagnosed with severe autism. It is hard to…

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  • Apr222016

    Mackenzie – Rare Condition

    Mackenzie was overjoyed when his hand trike was delivered the day before his birthday. As the only child in the world…

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  • Apr022016
    happy boy riding specalist tricycle

    Oliver – Cerebral Palsy

    Three-year-old Oliver has cerebral palsy. Thanks to his specialist tricycle, he now has the confidence to play outside with his…

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  • Mar142016

    Morgan – Short Breaks

    When Morgan’s mother, Suzanne, found out about Caudwell Children’s short break activities she was worried that her daughter would be…

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  • Feb182016
    girl smiling in her dark den

    Florence – Undiagnosed Condition

    Florence’s anxiety is reduced with the help of specialist sensory equipment. Two-year-old Florence Ackroyd has an undiagnosed condition that has…

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