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How we help

Caudwell Children's vision is a world where all children's needs are met throughout childhood; where disabled children and their families have the right to choice, opportunity, dignity and understanding.

We are passionate about improving the health of children and ensuring every family has access to the equipment, services and treatments they require.

Non-condition specific, we have supported children with over 500 different medical conditions and help children up until their 19th birthday.

We recognise that childhood is a critical and vulnerable stage when health inequalities can have effects that last throughout life. We are there at every step of this new, challenging and often lonely journey; from birth, or diagnosis, in an emergency, or at a time of crisis.

Focused on supporting those families that need our help the most, applicants are means tested and must have a gross household income of less than £45,000 to be eligible.

We are a UK children’s charity, with an ambitious and innovative development programme in order to change the lives of disabled children and their families.

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