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Destination Dreams

DD2012Sadly many children die every year from childhood illnesses. Many of these children spend their short lives in hospital.

After a diagnosis of a life limiting or threatening illness everyday life changes. Families experience physical, financial and emotional turmoil with overwhelming pressure and stress.

Destination Dreams is an organised holiday to Disney World, Florida, for children fighting life threatening illnesses. Every child has a terminal prognosis or a severely life limiting or threatening condition. The children are accompanied by their immediate family. The families stay in their own villa at a unique resort 'Give Kids the World' specifically designed for children with a high medical dependency, so special that a child can only be granted a wish to visit once in their lifetime. The families are supported by Caudwell Childrenʼs medical and staff team who are on call 24 hours a day.

The magical Destination Dreams week provides families with happy memories they can keep forever and the opportunity to make lifelong friends that understand their situation better than anyone else. The programme provides a break from the routine of painful treatments and hospital appointments.

The volunteer team offer support to families when they need it; pushing a wheelchair to enable parents to hold hands and see the look on their childrenʼs faces as they meet all their favourite characters.

  • Attend! If you would like to apply for your child and family to go on Destination Dreams, please click here.
  • Volunteer! If you are interested in becoming a Dream Maker, please click here.
  • Support! If you would like to sponsor or donate to the Destination Dreams programme, please call 01782 600 112

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