Locked in for Autism

Locked in for Autism

Raising autism awareness

Caudwell Children’s campaign to
generate more funding, awareness,
and understanding of autism.

Locked in for autism

Locked in for autism involves a willing volunteer putting their life on hold for 50 hours, to live in our custom-made glass box. The box is always situated in an accessible space which can be viewed by the public 24/7.

While autism covers a wide spectrum of symptoms and every autistic person has different experiences, a lot of parents with autistic children have told us that the box could be a metaphor for the way society interacts with autistic people. Isolation, difficulties with communication, feeling vulnerable and living with invisible limitations are often associated with autism.

The challenge is supported by Caudwell Children, with teams of ‘Purple People’ engaging with locals to explain how we support autistic children and their families. We also fundraise for our autism services which provide practical and emotional support for children with autism and their families, with all of the monies collected ‘staying local’ to the area in which they are raised.




Support autistic children

You can make a real difference to autistic children and their families


locked in for autism box





The campaign so far…

Check out the Gallery to see some of our finest moments!

Our glass box has visited over 30 Tesco stores across the UK – click on the map pins to find out what happened when it visited these towns and cities.

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