Staff nominated for disability & autism awards

Staff nominated for disability & autism awards
Staff nominated for disability & autism awards

Staff nominated for disability & autism awards

Caudwell Children, has been nominated for two awards at the prestigious Staffordshire Disability & Autism Awards.

The awards ceremony, held at The Kings Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 1JH, on Friday 26th May, 2017, celebrate the outstanding contribution of organisations and individuals working in the fields of disability and autism.

The awards also recognise individuals with a disability who have excelled in sport or inspired others.

The Disability & Autism Awards is organised by the Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS) which was founded in 2007.

Diane Greaves, Short Break Activities Coordinator for Caudwell Children, has been nominated in the ‘Autism Practitioner of the Year’ category whilst Andy Bailey, Media Campaign Manager for the charity, secured a nomination for ‘Charity of the Year’, for his ‘Locked in for Autism’ awareness campaign.

Andy was delighted to have been nominated for the award. As he explained: “Caudwell Children’s ’Locked in for Autism’ campaign features a volunteer being incarcerated within a 3×2 metre glass box, in the foyer of a Tesco store, for 50 hours. This has proved to be incredibly successful in raising awareness of autism and the work that the charity does in supporting children with the condition.

“And whilst it’s fantastic that the campaign is appreciated by the general public and the autistic community, to be recognised in the nominations of such a well-respected and influential organisation as SAAS is really humbling.

“I’m delighted that many of the autistic community, across the UK, have taken the campaign to their hearts. We realise that the metaphor of the glass box, for the condition, may not be recognised by every child with autism, but it has proved to be extremely powerful in explaining the challenges faced by many of the children that we support.”

Whilst the nomination recognises this fact it also highlights the breadth of support that Caudwell Children gives to disabled children and young people throughout Staffordshire.

Diane, who delivers Caudwell Children’s activity days, was equally pleased to have been nominated. As she explained: “I still can’t believe it! When I was told that a mother of one of the boys that I work with had nominated me I was really moved.

“It’s really great to be nominated and it’s so nice that my work is appreciated enough for someone to do this. I feel that it’s just my job and that I don’t deserve to be signalled out. However, I suppose the acknowledgment, that I’ve helped her son, is the mother’s way of saying thank you.

“It’s really nice to think that I’m having a positive impact on children’s lives, and this nomination has really brought that home.”     

You can find out more about Locked in for Autism here.

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