Activity Packs – Climbing the walls

Caudwell Children’s activity packs

Working with the feedback provided to us by our wonderful families, the Caudwell Children team have developed a unique collection of FREE activities and ideas to stimulate disabled children.

Each of our activity packs is designed to engage a child’s different senses while having a fun time doing so!

Activity Packs - Climbing the walls

Lack of resources for disabled children

Our research shows there is a shortage of suitable games and activities for disabled children. There are plenty of kids’ activity resources online, but these are rarely designed with disabled children in mind.

The worksheets we provide are based on our experiences of delivering short break activities for children and families.

We have integrated these insights into our Kids Activity Packs to ensure we offer a holistic experience, which recognises the importance of stimulating mind, body and emotion. Our activities have been categorised into three distinct collections

Activity Packs - Climbing the walls

Get Thinking

Our selection of ‘get thinking’ activities have been developed to keep children stimulated and entertained, whilst also helping them develop and extend their problem-solving; numeracy; and logical reasoning skills.

The ‘Get Thinking’ learning exercises include word searches, puzzles, counting games, ‘crack the code’ games, connect the dots and loads more!

Activity Packs - Climbing the walls

Get Moving

To encourage physical activity, we’ve developed a set of ‘get moving’ exercises to get young ones to explore their indoor and outdoor surroundings. These exercises are designed to increase their curiosity about the world around them; whilst keeping them active.

The ‘get moving’ activity sheets include a diverse set of activities such as online dance workshops, scavenger hunts and garden bug hunts.

Activity Packs - Climbing the walls

Get Creative

Our arts and craft exercises are designed to help stimulate the creative senses. From our experience of working with thousands of disabled children, we know how important (and enjoyable) creative activities can be. Creativity helps kids explore shapes, colours, textures and more. What’s more, the ‘get creative’ activities help to promote sensory experiences, as well as to expand their imagination.

The ‘get creative’ exercises are full of fun-packed games and activities, including colouring sheets, ‘how to draw’ guides, paint by numbers and decorating objects.

What is the age range for our activity worksheets?

Children of all ages and abilities will benefit from the activities – from pre-schools, teenagers, or even adults. Most are aimed at children aged for 4 to 12 years old, but a few will challenge older children. Each activity can be completed within 5 to 60 minutes.

How to sign up for our activity worksheets?

Every week, a new pack of 7 activity sheets will be delivered to your email.

Simply complete the registration form at the bottom of the page, and you will start receiving our weekly packs.

Once you have finished your activity sheets, be sure to send them to us at so we can display them on our online gallery!