Building Journey CICC

Our Journey

The Caudwell International Children’s Centre
has been 11 years in the making, here we show
you some of the highlights of our journey.

Since 2008 Trudi Beswick and the Caudwell Children team have been developing plans for a purpose-built independent centre dedicated to improving the lives of disabled children and their families.
Thanks to the continued generosity and support of John Caudwell and a circle of individual and corporate supporters, in 2018 this inspirational building project will reach its conclusion.
Here we show you our journey towards the opening of the Caudwell International Children’s Centre.

John Caudwell – Philanthropic Visionary

The CICC project has been made possible due to the unwavering and unprecedented commitment and support of our founder, Mr John Caudwell.

john caudwell with disabled girl on stage

His support and advice breathes life into projects which are then given the space and freedom to develop over many years, utilising the expertise and skills of the teams involved.

His confidence and belief in the vision for the CICC has seen him generously match-fund every donation made towards the project and personally donate in excess of £10million to this important project.

This investment further proves his extraordinary commitment to making a lasting difference to the lives of disabled children.

The Legacy Circle 

The legacy of The CICC will be thousands, even millions, of lives changed for the better and the group of people responsible stretches beyond those physically building it or working in it.

A group of generous philanthropists, corporate sponsors and supporters lead by Mr John Caudwell, who we affectionately call our Legacy Circle, are the ones who made this vision a reality.


Building Journey CICC
Building Journey CICC

Inspirational Design 

The CICC’s iconic design was developed by the charity’s Chief Executive, Trudi Beswick in consultation with children, parents/carers, clinicians and experts through experience.

From general arrangements to exterior cladding and internal fit-out, Trudi led on every element of the design from start to finish.

Supporting Trudi were a passionate team who shared the charity’s vision to change children’s lives:

Architect, James Pass (C4 Consulting); Project Manager, Rob Hempsall (C4 Consulting); M&E Consultant, Mike Davies (KGA); Structural Consultant, Phil Barlow (Tier Consult); Contractor, Buckingham Group; Charity Project Team, Garry Medlock & Ben Sutcliffe.

The Legacy Circle

“It’s about the journey – mine and yours – and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better.” Tony Dungy

With thanks to all our supporters, sponsors and partners…

Mr John Caudwell | The Mair Family | Mr Mark Hackett | Mr Peter Jackson | Mrs Rebekah Caudwell | Mr Jay Rutland | Mr Bradley Theodore | David & Alexis Lewis (Sunseeker London)

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  • Where it all began (2008 – 2013)

    Where it all began (2008 – 2013)

    In 2008 Trudi Beswick completed a root and branch review of Caudwell Children’s services which confirmed the rapid increase in demand for the charity’s services from families caring for children with autism. At that time 54% all applications were for autism-related services.

    This discovery started us on a decade-long journey to establish an even more effective and efficient way to could help and lead us to develop Caudwell Children’s own purpose-built therapy and research centre.

    From Trudi’s original sketches to the consultation with our beneficiaries, employees, academics and professionals; this is the evolution of The CICC.

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  • Finding our new home (2014)

    Finding our new home (2014)

    Prior to 2014 several sites across North Staffordshire were investigated for an appropriate location which were ultimately proven not suitable.

    Then a good friend to the charity introduced us to the team at Keele University and the wheels were set in motion to find the team who would help make our vision a reality.

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  • Research, Research, Research (2014/15)

    boy wearing headphones

    With plans for the CICC developing, Trudi Beswick and the charity team scrupulously researched exactly who was doing what and where.

    Autism is a global challenge and by reaching out to UK and International contacts, the charity endeavoured to complement the good work of others and connect the global autism community.

    This involved engaging with organisations in the Middle East, Asia and site visits in the UK, US and Canada. All of this research informed the next stages of the CICC’s design and development.

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  • The foundations of change (2016)

    The foundations of change (2016)

    Complicated negotiations to secure the land, late night meetings to ensure planning permissions were granted, a painstaking procurement process to appoint the design team and construction company;  it was time for years of hard work to become a very physical and tangible reality.

    On the 16th March 2016 the diggers moved in at Plot 9, Innovation Way and The Caudwell International Children’s Centre started to take shape.

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  • Sharing our vision (2017)

    Sharing our vision        (2017)

    By the time we reached World Autism Awareness Week 2017 we were ready to tell the world more about our ambitious and exciting plans.

    John Caudwell, Trudi Beswick, Karenza and Eddie Cassidy raced around London for a series of media interviews before speaking to an audience of autism professionals and associates at the House of Lords, hosted by Baroness Angela Browning.

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  • The CICC Begins To Blossom (2017)

    The CICC Begins To Blossom (2017)

    Following the launch the word continued to spread and no more so than when our future sensory garden made its debut at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Show.

    Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Zoflora, a magical wild garden designed and built with autism and sensory challenges in mind gave the thousands of visitors a glimpse into the unique environment we were creating at The CICC.

    To top it off the garden walked away with a Gold Medal, Best in Show & The People’s Choice Awards.

    Bloomin’ Marvellous!

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  • The Butterfly Effect (2017-2018)

    The Butterfly Effect (2017-2018)

    Throughout 2017 and 2018 everyone involved in the development of the CICC continued to work tirelessly to bring the project to its conclusion and on to the next stage of its legacy.

    Surrounded in her office by elements of the design, Trudi Beswick juggles designing the fit-out of the building with the day-to-day running of a national charity.  Meanwhile, the charity’s new clinical team and the rest of the charity work to do whatever it takes to bring everything together ready for when we open the doors in 2019.

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  • CICC Opens – May 2019

    CICC Opens – May 2019

    Britain’s first independent purpose-built centre dedicated to people with autism has officially opens. Already an award winner having scooped two Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Awards, for the Design of the Year and Design through Innovation, the centre is set to transform the way millions in the UK affected by the condition can be helped . Designed and built in consultation with people with autism, parents, carers, clinicians and experts, the facility includes state-of-the-art assessment suites, a sensory garden to help children interact with nature and family activity suites for on-going workshops and support programmes.

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What a difference a Hyperbolic Parabaloid (Pringle) can make!

The Caudwell International Children’s Centre had to do more than just work for children and families on the inside, it had to inspire everyone that would visit it.

Passionate about Caudwell Children’s impact and the legacy of John Caudwell’s philanthropic vision, it was CEO Trudi Beswick’s idea to develop the new CICC and she has led the design team through each detail, ensuring the needs of the charity’s beneficiaries and the professionals were at the heart of the decision making.

Illustrated in Trudi’s initial sketches the building concept was always to include inspirational but useful open spaces, technology, forward thinking yet relevant design ideas to create an iconic building and a peaceful space both inside and out.

Working with architects C4 Consulting Ltd and key members of the charity’s Executive Team, while all the time maintaining the increasing demands of running a growing national charity, Trudi and the team were determined to deliver a person-centred building that would meet the charity’s ambitious vision.  

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Caudwell Children – New Era



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Building Journey CICC
Building Journey CICC
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