Director of Marketing & Communications

Caudwell Children need an expert marketeer who can lead our brand into an exciting new phase of the charity’s development, ensuring Caudwell Children becomes a recognised brand synonymous with innovation and demonstrable societal impact.

This role requires the foresight to see where our communications need to be in 12 to 24 months time, the management skills to plan and execute them, and the experience to manage the current ‘as-it-happens’ media landscape.

As a member of the charity’s Executive Team you will play a key role in the strategic development of the charity and assist all areas of the organisation with the management and delivery of effective stakeholder communications.

You will support the Chief Executive and work closely with the Director of Executive Projects and Director of Business Innovation & Partnerships to ensure planned activity supports and enhances wider strategic objectives, while managing operational analysis and outcomes.

With a significant increase in media and public interaction expected over the next 3 years, you will need demonstrable experience in national and regional multi-platform media liaison.

Analytics will play a key role in your day to day activity. Evaluating performance and ensuring we’re listening to our intelligence with a dynamic approach to stakeholder communications.



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