Gaming Expert – Forum Member

Mission centric Volunteering is instrumental to the growth of Caudwell Children. The purpose of this post is to enable the fundraising directorate to reach departmental goals and objectives and ensure the charity mission is reached. These goals are:

  • Raising funds through events and challenges
  • Build audiences through events and challenges
  • Offer donor engagement opportunities
  • Create sponsor able activities


  • Monthly (Fornightly as the event gets closer) meetings with other gamers to discuss findings on how we can progress the campaign
  • Help us reach audiences via your social media and contacts.
  • You will act as an expert advisor to our fundraising team to help them reach gaming audiences. Bringing your knowledge and sharing your skills to help us raise funds through gaming challenges.
  • Take away from committee meetings tasks to support the group and charity. This could be approaching other gamers, research or sharing information.


Volunteer Role

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