How to use visual timetables for autistic children

A digital drawing depicting a visual timetable.

Visual timetables can help autistic children better understand what is about to happen and reduce anxiety around change of routine. They can be used to explain any routine or activity helping your child prepare for the event. Did you know we offer fully-funded autism assessments? You can find out more here. What is a visual […]

Using Social Stories: Helping autistic children understand social cues

Social Story blog header which reads: "Learning about social cues: How to use Social Stories

Social Stories are a great tool to help young people better understand and interact within the world around them by providing a unique story which explains the scenario. Some autistic and disabled children find it challenging to understand social cues and why certain behaviours are expected in given situations. Social Stories™ were created by Carol […]

Simple calming strategies for disabled children

calming strategies

Calming strategies are an important tool for any parent. Emotional regulation can be hard, so our Occupational Therapist, Manny, has put together five simple strategies for soothing disabled children. Listen to calming music This can be anything from nursery rhymes to white noise. Try different sounds and music and observe your child’s response. You can […]

What is autism? Signs and assessments explained

What is autism

If your child has been referred for an autism assessment, or you know someone who has, you may find yourself asking “what is autism?” There are lots of myths and misconceptions out there, so we’ve put together this blog post to answer some of your questions. Question: What are the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder? […]

Why is sensory processing vital for disabled children?


During the Covid-19 pandemic we’re providing vital packs to help disabled children and their families access sensory processing activities at home. Donate or apply here. At Caudwell Children we also offer a range of services and support for disabled children and their families, including 28-day Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses, in Staffordshire and across the UK. […]

Three simple Pancake Day recipes to cook with your child


To mark the tradition known as Pancake Day, why not get your disabled child involved in making these three straightforward recipes? They’re a great way to explore the touch, smell and sounds of breaking a few eggs on Pancake Day! Shrove Tuesday, more commonly known as Pancake Day, is the traditional feast prior to the […]

Nine tips to help disabled children at home during lockdown

  This difficult and unpredictable time is incredible challenging, and that is most definitely the case for those with additional needs. In the trying weeks ahead it is important for everyone to have routine and a sense of control over their immediate surroundings. This blog entry sets out nine suggestions to help meet the needs […]