Caudwell Children shortlisted for prestigious Third Sector award

Caudwell Children shortlisted for prestigious Third Sector award
Caudwell Children shortlisted for prestigious Third Sector award

Caudwell Children shortlisted for prestigious Third Sector award

Caudwell Children is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted for a prestigious Third Sector Award, the charity industry equivalent of the ‘Oscars’.

The Awards, created by Third Sector Magazine, the trade publication that covers the voluntary and not-for-profit sector, recognise those who give back to the community and celebrate organisations from across the sector.

The esteemed judging panel has shortlisted Caudwell Children in the ‘Communications Campaign of the Year’ category for our inspirational ‘Locked in for Autism‘ promotional campaign.

Making it onto the shortlist is a clear indication of the success of ‘Locked in for Autism’ in generating more awareness, acceptance and understanding of autism. The charity’s Media Team will attend the annual Third Sector Awards ceremony, held at the Lancaster London, on Wednesday 14th September 2016.

Andy Bailey, Media Campaigns Manager at Caudwell Children, is delighted to make the shortlist ”Locked in for Autism will contest the ‘Communications Campaign of the Year’ category, and when you look at the vast amount of coverage it has received through traditional and social media, it’s easy to see why. The glass box attracts brilliant public support, opening up conversations surrounding autism wherever we go. A huge thank you to all of our courageous volunteers who have put their lives on hold to be ‘Locked in for Autism!”

‘Locked in for Autism’ centres around a willing volunteer living inside our glass box for 50 hours. The box is located in the foyer of a 24-hour Tesco supermarket, and the volunteer is on show for the whole of the 50 hours. Many families of autistic children agree that the glass box is an accurate metaphor for the condition. Being stared at from all directions and having difficulty communicating and being understood, whilst feeling isolated, is what some autistic children experience.

Caudwell Children staff and volunteers support Locked in for Autism by assisting the volunteer, engaging with the public and fundraising for our autism support services.

“‘Locked in for Autism’ has visited 21 towns and cities across the UK,” said Andy. “It’s raised over £60,000 in donations and generated a staggering £6m in press coverage. There are several reasons why the public have got behind the campaign. Many are attracted by the highly-creative visual nature of the challenge, some love the downright absurdity of being ‘on show’ for 50 hours, but mostly they are inspired by the personal motivation of the selfless volunteer who has decided to be Locked in for Autism.”

Trudi Beswick, Chief Executive for Caudwell Children, says that making the shortlist is recognition of the invaluable support that the charity gives to children with autism. She said: “This has been a tremendous campaign from the Media and Communications Team. However, without our Autistic Children’s Therapies (ACT) programme there simply wouldn’t have been a campaign. The therapies, educational, dietary and nutritional interventions that the ACT programme provides unlocks the lives of children living with the condition and helps to increase their communication, independence and social interaction. So I’m extremely proud that our work is being highlighted in this way by such a well respected publication.”

The next ‘Locked in for Autism’ volunteer to take on the challenge will be 26-year-old Security Manager Micky Lockey, when the campaign moves to the Tesco superstore in Hemsworth, West Yorkshire, from Wednesday 10th August 2016.

You can find out more about ‘Locked in for Autism’ here.

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