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Children's Activities
Week 2019

We’re so proud to be the charity partner
of Children’s Activities Week this year.

How All This Can Help You

Being part of the week gives you many opportunities to raise awareness of your activity in the local community, delight your existing customers, reach new customers, find new venues and motivate your team.
Children’s Activities Week can help you promote your activity with the tips below.

Bigger Picture

It sets you apart and differentiates you from the competition. It demonstrates altruism and shows that you care about the bigger picture. This will appeal to many of the parents/carers that this sector caters for who are ethically aware and make their choices accordingly. Participation showcases your care for children and charity and determines the sort of person and business you are.



Local PR

It’s a great opportunity for local PR for you and your business. It’s not always easy to get local media, especially TV and Radio coverage but an initiative such as this, supporting great causes with a strong positive message around children and wellbeing should be of enormous interest to your local and regional media outlets.  Use our Press Release template and instructions to assist.


Local Celebrity Involvement

This is a great opportunity to invite a celeb or sports person to your group. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who might fit the bill and it’s much easier to get them involved for a charity event (rather than just to support your business alone) especially if you have already secured press attention. Celebrity parents have the same aspirations as all other parents so the messages of the CAA and the charity will resonate with them and may mobilise them to get involved.  Check out the list of celebrity and sporting stars already supporting Children’s Activities Week.


Fill Spaces For Charity

It’s also a great opportunity to fill any spaces in classes that you might have and you can charge the normal session fee as the suggested donation. You’ll hopefully find that it’s also easier to use referral marketing and get your existing customers to invite prospective customers with a charity event like this. Parents seem much keener to recommend activities to friends and their friends are more committed to attending if there’s a charitable element alongside a great experience. Afterwards thank them for participating – consider offering a free session or something similar by way of appreciation for their support and you could find there is very high conversion rate into new customers.


Motivate Your Team

You can see some very positive results from engaging your team in the week as a whole and encouraging them to get involved and help fundraise.  You’ll be surprised how much effort some may put into a new, fun event which benefits a great cause.  Staff can sometimes need the opportunity to be further inspired and reminded that they work for a great organisation and an experience like this can be very emotionally rewarding – enhancing job satisfaction and raising team morale.


Find New Venues

If you work in schools and/or nurseries this can offer a great excuse to get in touch with new prospects and propose to do something related to the week with them. It can be very hard to get into schools and nurseries to market your services but if you contact them and say you’re doing a charity event, explain the highly positive message around the week and perhaps link it to the world record all sorts of opportunities could open up. The kids can all make a suggested minimum donation to raise great money for the charity and enjoy the experience. The venue can enjoy potential media exposure and an enhanced programme and once you’ve facilitated these mini sessions in schools/nurseries you’ll have developed the start of a relationship with these new prospective customers. After Children’s Activities Week you can contact them to update them on the success of the week, to thank them but also to commence discussions regarding further classes and how you might be able to work together in the future.


Motivate Your Franchisees

If you’re a franchisor, you can use these messages to help engage your franchisees too.  You could run a league table of what people had raised and give out a load of awards and prizes to people for the effort they’d put in, not just the amount they’d raised. This can help with franchisee engagement with the franchisor and what they’re doing. It helps them feel like they’re part of an organisation that cares and makes a difference.


Do Something Extra

Nothing is stopping you doing something extra during the week and you will stand out because you’re going that extra mile.  How about flying themed activities, a sponsored screen free day, special prize draw just for parents/carers who come to your activities?  You could even organise a local activities showcase event by involving lots of other local providers in your area and do something on a much bigger scale. Local press could be more interested in a bigger event and this offers you the chance to get to know them better and make new contacts.



Children's Activity Week UK

What's on 4 Children's Activity Week

Overall although participation involves effort and energy, supporting the week works for the good of all – raising awareness of the great message the CAA are promoting, generating significant funds for an exceptional cause, supporting the organisations involved – both in terms of helping them grow their businesses but also from an altruistic perspective, making a difference in the wider community and finally, giving kids a really fun experience in a safe and secure environment – which surely is what our fantastic sector is all about.




There is a small fee to register that goes towards the admin and materials costs.  This is £10.00+VAT for CAA members or £25.00+VAT for non-members.


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