Charity welcomes return of Baldertech to UK

Charity welcomes return of Baldertech to UK
Charity welcomes return of Baldertech to UK

Charity welcomes return of Baldertech to UK

Caudwell Children, the national charity that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, has welcomed the return of the mobility aids company, Baldertech, to the UK market.

The company’s resurgence comes five years after its powered wheelchairs had been discontinued in the UK.

Baldertech’s products had originally been distributed by Etac and R82UK before the two companies decided to discontinue the products and services.

But now, in a dramatic role reversal, Baldertech has taken over as the manufacturer and service provider for powered wheelchairs from Etac and R82UK!

Baldertech will  employ the staff of both companies and continue to operate from the same location in Basingstoke.

“This is an exciting development that will be of interest to the parents of the children that we support,” said Louise Ambrose from Caudwell Children. “We supplied many disabled children with Baldertech wheelchairs before they were discontinued and they were well liked, particularly for their simple and uncomplicated technology.

“So to see their products back in the UK will give our families more choice when it comes to selecting the chair that best suits their children’s needs.”

Jason Nicoll, Managing Director of Baldertech Limited, is keen to stress that the new UK operation is not a dealership or franchise. As he explained: “This is the UK side of the original Norwegian business, first established in 1993, and we should be seen as a manufacturer who works closely with our sister factory.

“We will continue to deliver 99% of our business through home visits and in time we will be developing our products to suit the UK market specifically.”

Jason, aged 46, and a lifetime resident of Basingstoke, knows only too well of the quality of Baldertech products. “I began working for Balder back in 2007,” he explained. “I was a Service Supervisor before Etac took over and I was the General Manager of Etac before this development, so I know the industry inside out.”

Jason says that he will ensure that customer service is a priority. He said: “I know how vulnerable disabled children are and I know what the consequences are of getting it wrong.

“So I will be doing whatever it takes to make sure that our clients have the best experience possible and that they get the wheelchair that they need to live as happy and independent life as possible.”

Initially Baldertech will supply the Balder Finesse and Balder Jr. The Finesse is a front wheel driven wheelchair in a compact design. The small footprint makes it easy to operate in narrow spaces allowing the user to go wherever they like and is available with or without stand-up function.

The Jr is based on the Finesse but with smaller seating and bright colours. As the user grows the seating solutions can be changed allowing it to grow with the user. Again it is available with or without a stand-up function.

Baldertech will also operate a Makeover facility, a part or complete makeover of old chairs where the main construction is in good shape. By changing worn out parts they are able to make the chairs as good as new.

“I was extremely interested to find out more about Baldertech’s operation,” concluded Louise. “So I was delighted to welcome Jason and the team to our new HQ, The Caudwell International Children’s Centre recently.

“It’s exciting times for the company and we’re looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

You can find out more about Baldertech here. 

You can find out about Caudwell Children’s services here.

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