Caudwell Children CEO Trudi Beswick responds to the Children's Alliance report on children and young people's physical health

A coalition of organisations from across the public and private sector are working on a series of reports to highlight the declining mental and physical health of children in the UK.

Caudwell Children is a proud supporter and contributor to a series of four reports published by the Children’s Alliance.

The reports are dedicated to setting out a practical plan for action by Government to reverse the serious decline in health and wellbeing of our country’s children and young people.

To date, two reports have been published – the latest of which focuses on ‘The Physical Health of Children and Young People’.

In response Caudwell Children’s CEO, Trudi Beswick, said:

“As well as providing day-to-day practical and emotional support for children and families, Caudwell Children is also committed to influencing policy and making the world a better place for all disabled children and young people.

“By collaborating with renowned children’s health experts for these reports we are highlighting the barriers that currently exist and offering practical solutions to address the declining health of our society’s next generation.

“Only by working together can we reverse these worrying trends and provide children with the future they deserve.”

To find out more about the mental and physical health of children, or to read ‘The Early Years Report’ and ‘The Physical Health Report’ visit: Reports (