CO-OP Bank supports 1000 Trees campaign

CO-OP Bank supports 1000 Trees campaign
CO-OP Bank supports 1000 Trees campaign

CO-OP Bank supports 1000 Trees campaign

The Newcastle-under-Lyme branch of the CO-OP Bank, is supporting a charity campaign to sponsor 1000 butterfly friendly plants and trees, that will create a stunning landscape around a new charity HQ in Staffordshire.

Caudwell Children, is building the UK’s first independent facility dedicated to providing multi-disciplinary assessment, support, and research of neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism.

With the Caudwell International Children’s Centre (CICC) due to open, in Keele, in early 2018, the race is now on to create a luscious landscape around the centre where visiting families will be able to relax, play and discover.

Steph Coe, CO-OP Bank Branch manager, is delighted to be supporting the ‘1000 Trees’ initiative. As she explained: “I’m already a big supporter of Caudwell Children, and I’ve participated in a number of Fun Runs to raise funds for them.

“I have a number of friends who have disabled children and I’m fully aware of the challenges that they face.

“So charities like Caudwell Children, together with facilities like the new centre, are vital in supporting disabled children.”

As a regular fundraiser for the charity Steph received an email about the initiative and she immediately recognised that it may be something her branch would be keen to support. She said: “The CO-OP Bank has been committed to leading the way on ethical, environmental and community matters for many years.

“With the new centre being local to Newcastle-under-Lyme it ticked all the boxes for our support.”

Not only that but Steph’s enthusiasm for the ‘1000 Trees’ campaign has led to the branches in Hanley, Longton, Tunstall, Leek, Macclesfield, Crewe, Walsall and Wolverhampton getting behind the initiative.

Each branch is developing fundraising ideas to engage their customers and it’s hoped that each will be able to fund a large tree.

“Our branch is going to encourage customers to guess the name of a toy penguin that we will be displaying in the bank,” said Steph. “Whilst others are doing things like raffling a food hamper. It’s going to be great fun and it will also educate the public about the charity.”

Andy Bailey, Campaigns Manager at Caudwell Children, says it’s an ambitious campaign but one that he believes people will readily support. As he explained: “We aim to raise £50,000 towards the cost of the building and the services that we will provide.

“The facility will be absolutely stunning and we want the grounds around the centre to be equally impressive.

“Those who sponsor our trees and brightly coloured scented plants, will not only be helping disabled children they will also be helping the planet through the creation of a thriving woodland setting.”

The environmentally friendly campaign will see the names of supporters, like the CO-OP Bank, inscribed on the charity’s ‘1000 Trees Thank You Plaque’. Donors will also receive a special, numbered, certificate and will be invited to an exclusive VIP tour of the new centre.

“Those who sponsor the trees will also get the chance to plant them,” said Andy. “So this will give our corporate supporters a great photo opportunity that they will then be able to use on their website and social media, highlighting their corporate, social responsibility.”  

Plants (e.g. Verbena, Senum, Buddleja) can be sponsored for £25, a small tree (e.g. Cherry, Apple, Silver Birch) for £50 and a large tree (e.g. Cedar, Lime, Beech) for £100.

For more information call Andy Bailey on 01782 600867 or visit the web page here or email Andy here.  You can sponsor a plant or tree online here. 

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