Destination Dreams 2018

Destination Dreams

Helping families fighting life-threatening illnesses
create memories that last a lifetime

Charity Disney Trip

Destination Dreams

Sunday 2nd December – Tuesday 11th December

Destination Dreams is an extremely special trip for everyone here at Caudwell Children. Since 2007 every year we’ve given 25 children, with life-threatening conditions, the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime holiday to Disney World, Florida. Enabling them and their families to create memories that will last a lifetime.

This year is no exception, we’re determined to take 25 children on a fully-supported holiday of a lifetime to Florida but we need your help to ensure this happens. The trip costs £250,000 and with your support we’re certain we can make the children’s dreams come true again this year.

Why we do it

Every week 104 children die from a childhood illness, with 2,200 children every year spending over 6 months of their short lives in hospital.

Without 24 hour medical assistance, families do not have enough support or confidence to travel alone. This means the siblings of a sick or disabled child often feel isolated and in some cases never experience a family holiday.

We’re determined to give these families the opportunity to forget about life’s daily challenges; have fun and create memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

What the trip covers

Our Destination Dreams trip is a fully supported holiday for the 25 families. We also provide pre-trip support and guidance to ensure the families are equipped to make the most of the 9 nights away.

For many families caring for children with terminal or life-threatening conditions, the thought of leaving the protected environment of their own home town, and their medical support, fills them with dread. This is why we provide 24 hour professional medical and practical support for the entirety of the trip, so all the families have the peace of mind they need.


Sarah Hext, mother of twin boys Spencer and Harvey Hext says:

“Destination Dreams provided an unforgettable experience for the family. A year after the trip Harvey sadly died of neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. It was absolutely devastating for both me and the family. I take great comfort in looking over the pictures of us all together enjoying a holiday of a lifetime in Florida. Caudwell Children have given me and the family memories of Harvey which will last a lifetime.”

Destination Dreams Charity

The Hext Family, from left, Harvey, Spencer & Olivia with Dad.

Our Target

So far we have raised £167,526.18



Children wishing for a trip of a lifetime this year

This year we’ll be taking 25 children with terminal or life-threatening conditions on an unforgettable holiday. These 25 children include Alex, Paige and Nathan.

Alex Jones

Paige Higham

Nathan Mulholland


Alex Jones

Alex has Down’s syndrome and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. When Alex was younger he also suffered with leukaemia and a hole in his heart which required emergency surgery. Alex’s father, Gareth, says the trip to Disney World would be extremely special for Alex: “We have been through so much as a family, we do not know what the future holds, but to be given the opportunity to have a family holiday is very special.”


Paige Higham

Paige has West syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. She was also born with a number of conditions which have left her a permanent wheelchair user. In 2016 Paige spent nine weeks in hospital and her life-limiting condition has been extremely stressful for her and the family. As her mum, Stacey, explains: “The holiday is extremely important to our family as winter is very hard time for us, with Paige having recurrent respiratory problems. She is so vulnerable at this time. She’s unwell a lot of time due to her chronic lung disease and low immune system. Her life can sometimes be at risk. We hope she is strong enough to make it onto the trip and we hope she’ll be able to get to Florida for a once in a lifetime holiday.”


Nathan Mullholland

Nathan was diagnosed with generalised tonic-clonic epilepsy and global developmental delay at 18 months old. He requires a video monitor in his room to alert his parents if a seizure occurs during the night. He also requires a high level of care as he displays behavioural difficulties and has emotional outbursts in noisy environments. These have prevented the family enjoying themselves on previous holidays. Nathan’s mum, Claire says: “In the past we have avoided environments that might trigger Nathan’s emotional outbursts so it has been a struggle to enjoy previous holidays together. The trip would create special memories for us all to cherish as a family, having the chance to spend quality time together and relax.”


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