Disabled children’s charity launch ‘Virtual’ pub quiz

Disabled children’s charity launch ‘Virtual’ pub quiz
Disabled children’s charity launch ‘Virtual’ pub quiz

Disabled children’s charity launch ‘Virtual’ pub quiz

Caudwell Children, the national charity that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, has launched a ‘Virtual’ pub quiz to give members of the public a fun and sociable online experience, whilst also raising vital funds for disabled children.

The online trivia quiz, with questions on a variety of topics, will appear live on YouTube every Thursday from 8.15pm-9.45pm, with the first broadcast scheduled for Thursday 9th April, 2020.

“With the country effectively in lockdown trips to the pub with your mates or your work colleagues aren’t going to happen again any time soon,” explained Hannah Cope, from Caudwell Children. “After just a couple of weeks people are already sick of watching the same old repeats on television and they’ve probably exhausted all the films and box sets on Netflix.

“With enforced isolation it’s no surprise that people are missing their mates, and having some good old fashioned banter in their favourite local pub.

“So we thought we’d try to recreate the convivial atmosphere of your local boozer by creating our very own online pub quiz.”

Participating ‘Virtual’ teammates can keep their minds sharp each week by testing themselves on a range of subjects including everyone’s favourites, food, drink and sport.

‘Virtually The Best Pub Quiz Ever’ will bring together friends and teammates, in different households, to battle it out against their virtual opponents across the UK.

“We might not be able to supply people with a selection of fine beers, wines and spirits, but to be honest we’re assuming they can do that for themselves,” continued Hannah. “However, what we can do, thanks to our partnership with Quiztaztic, the highly experienced and specialist online quiz agency, is bring you a fantastic platform on which you can test your knowledge and toast your victories, or more likely drown your sorrows, with friends and family.”

Caudwell Children traditionally generates most of its funds from charity events and individual challenges, many of which they are unable to hold following the government guidance restricting movement outside the home.

“Unfortunately, many of our fundraising events have been made impossible due to the social distancing measures imposed during the current lockdown,” said Hannah. “Initiatives such as this are not only great for the wellbeing of the general public, but are also fantastic for raising the vital funds that we need to allow us to continue supporting the thousands of disabled children who so desperately need our help.”

It costs just £5 per household to enter with a maximum number of eight players per team.

To find out more and to register to play online visit the website here.

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