Disabled man to undertake 10,000 feet charity skydive

Disabled man to undertake 10,000 feet charity skydive
Disabled man to undertake 10,000 feet charity skydive

Disabled man to undertake 10,000 feet charity skydive

A 20-year-old disabled man from Moseley, in Birmingham, has pledged to raise funds for disabled children in the region by taking on a 10,000 feet charity skydive.

Owen Johnson has cerebral palsy, a lifelong condition that affects his movement and coordination. When he was five years old he was unable to walk so his parents contacted Caudwell Children, the national charity that supports disabled children and their families, to see if they could help their son.

The charity agreed to fund a course of Conductive Education for Owen, a therapy that helps to improve the mobility of people with motor disorders. By the age of seven Owen was able to walk and when he recently turned 20 he decided to pay back his debt of gratitude to the charity.

“I wanted to do something special to fundraise for Caudwell Children after all the support they gave me as a child,” enthused Owen. “I’ve supported the charity through buying tickets for a number of their events but I haven’t done anything to raise money before.”

Having checked out the Events and Challenges page on the charity’s website Owen decided to register for a skydive at Tilstock Airfield, in Shropshire, on Saturday 14th September, 2019.

And now fearless Owen, who runs his own eBay business selling gaming merchandise, has set up a Just Giving page and given himself a target of £1,000 to hit.

“I’m determined to raise as much money as I can for this amazing charity,” he explained. “That’s why I’m appealing for people from Birmingham to come and join me on this once in a lifetime experience so that the charity can help even more children and young people like me.”

Owen does have a few anxieties ahead of the jump. He said: “I have to say I am a little bit nervous but nothing like my mum who’s so scared about it that she initially thought about not coming, but she’s promised me that she will be there to support me.

“The rest of my family and friends think I’m mad and they’re actually more nervous than I am.”

Kate Sherwin, from Caudwell Children, is delighted that Owen has registered for the tandem freefall. As she explained: “Owen is a regular attendee at our major fundraising events but this is the first time that he’s taken part in one of our fabulous challenges.

“Our charity skydives are not for the faint-hearted and the challenge will see Owen climbing to 10,000 feet before he launches himself into the abyss, strapped to a tandem instructor. He will then hurtle towards the earth at over 120 miles per hour. 

“You can’t begin to imagine the adrenalin rush associated with falling through space at that rate of knots.

“However, it’s not just the experience that our skydivers remember as they tell us that they get a huge sense of achievement from hitting their fundraising target, knowing that they are helping such a worthy cause.

”It would be fantastic if fellow Brummies could join Owen and sign up for the jump as every single penny raised goes to the children that we support.

“Owen is desperate to boost our charity coffers as much as he can and by registering for the jump you’ll help him to have the perfect parachute party to remember!”

To find out more and to register to skydive for Caudwell Children call 01782 433750 or visit the website here.

You can support Owen through his Just Giving page here.

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