Emergency Fundraising Appeal

Emergency Fundraising Appeal

Please help us support disabled children through the coronavirus crisis

During this unprecedented period of national disruption and uncertainty, Caudwell Children is launching an emergency appeal for donations to help us support disabled children and families through the crisis.

Disabled children and their families are feeling isolated, fearful and confused and need our help more than ever. Yet, the increased burden placed on the NHS and social services by the coronavirus outbreak means that many services for disabled children will be adversely impacted for the foreseeable future.

Caudwell Children are committed to providing a lifeline to thousands of vulnerable disabled children and families at this challenging time.

Emergency Fundraising Appeal

A significant percentage of our fundraising comes from charity events and individual challenges, which we are unable to hold for the foreseeable future due to restrictions on social gatherings. This makes it more difficult for us to support the thousands of disabled children who so desperately need our help.

Without our continued support, disabled children will become the silent and forgotten victims of this terrible crisis.

How we’re responding to the crisis

*Providing families with assessments via videocalls or telephone to continue the Caudwell Children Autism Assessment Service

*Delivering ASDAN qualifications to children in their home with telephone and online support

*Delivering a short breaks service for children and families in the home with telephone and video link support

*Collaborating with partners to offer legal advice where needed

*Extending our telephone, email and online advisory service to families

*Producing home support/activity packs for children and families

*Continuing to support applications for much needed equipment

Continuing to adapt our services week by week throughout this period to ensure they meet the changing needs of beneficiaries

We need to raise £3 million over the next three months to provide the services our children and families need.

This includes children like Ethan, who wrote:

I would wander in the school alone. Isolated. Cast off from other groups of kids in my school. I would sit in class and look around to see everyone with their friends. When school would finish, I would waste no time in rushing home to enter my room of darkness and solitude.

However, one Saturday lunch, my Mum took me in a car to a place that would change my life for the best. When we arrived, I got out of the car and walked into the building, walking behind my Mum in fear. I asked my Mum, ‘Where are we going?’ She answered, ‘A place called Caudwell Children. Here the kids are like you so you will make friends and it will help you recover from the darkness of isolation.’

I walk into the room and everyone surprised me with a welcome party.  That was the day I realised that I wouldn’t be alone again.”

‘Solitude to Friendship’ by Ethan.

Ethan, along with hundreds of other children who need access to our services, will be left without support.

Disabled children in the UK

7% of children in the UK are disabled

800,000 disabled children in the UK

It costs 3 times more to raise a disabled child, as a non-disabled child

40,000 children live with a life-threatening or life-limiting condition

104 children die from a childhood disease every week


We need your help

Please support disabled children through this crisis:


100% of every single £1 donated will go to the children who need our help


If you were planning to take on a charity fundraising challenge later in the year, could you take on an alternative challenge in your home?

Join our Virtual Colour Runner challenge, or our Virtual Lego Walk challenge.

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If you are not able to contribute, please pass this message onto friends and family who may be able to help

Caudwell Children’s Work

Supported over 50,000 disabled children since 2000

Provided life-changing support for children with 653 medical conditions

Transformed the lives of disabled children by providing the services, equipment, therapies and treatments they need

Please help disabled children and their families through this crisis.

Thank you so much for your support.