Fundraisers needed for rebrickulous Lego walk

Fundraisers needed for rebrickulous Lego walk
Fundraisers needed for rebrickulous Lego walk

Fundraisers needed for rebrickulous Lego walk

Caudwell Children, the national charity that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, is appealing for fundraisers to sign up for its charity Lego Walk, on Saturday 20th June, 2020.

Lego walking has become increasingly popular in recent years with the current Guinness World Record being held by Sonny Molina, from Illinois, USA, who walked 12,696ft 2in over the interlocking plastic bricks.

The team at Caudwell Children say the challenge can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, and that it will give families something interesting and rewarding to do together during the current health crisis lockdown.

“Nearly everybody has had that experience of standing on a little plastic block of Lego and it can really hurt,” explained Kate McMahon, from Caudwell Children. “So we’ve enlisted the support of UK Firewalks, experts in creating mind over matter experiences where people can use their willpower to overcome physical obstacles, to create a rebrickulous, fun event for all the family.”

Whilst most sponsored walks involve covering many miles the Lego Walk will see participants testing themselves over just a few yards. “We don’t expect anyone to match Sonny’s world record,” continued Kate. “But after a training video by UK Firewalks, you’ll be able to confidently take off your shoes, slip off your socks, and head for your home based brick pit where you’ll be able to walk barefoot over a lane of potentially painful Lego bricks safely and pain free!”

Through a number of pre-recorded videos UK Firewalks, will show participants a variety of walking techniques that will ensure that their fearless feet can handle the challenge.

“They will give participants all the guidelines and advice that they need to complete the walk with their toes and soles of the feet intact,” added Kate. “We’re also hoping to show the event live on our website, as well as posting videos on a private Facebook group, so that participants can share their experience with others.

“So if you dare to brave the Lego Walk challenge sign up now. You will have loads of fun and you’ll also be helping Caudwell Children to support disabled children across the UK.”

Scott Bell, founder of UK Firewalk, says that this type of walking challenge can have a profound effect on participants. As he explained: “Many walkers overcome their fears or find self-fulfilment, but they always have a wonderful experience.”

Kate, says that the challenge will take participants out of their comfort zone. “It will challenge their perceived notions of pain,” she said. “They will realise that they have the potential to overcome their fears and that their determination will take them where they want to go, which can be quite liberating.”

Businesses are also being encouraged to use the challenge as a team building exercise at a time when many employees are still unable to return to their place of work.

“As long as you have a decent amount of Lego you’ll be able to give it a le-go,” concluded Kate. “It’s just £5 to register and we’re asking people to set themselves a minimum sponsorship target of £25.”

Caudwell Children will supply all those who register with sponsorship forms.

To register call Kate McMahon on 01782 433754 or email

You can find out more about Caudwell Children Challenges here.

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