German based couple support Yorkshire youngster

German based couple support Yorkshire youngster
German based couple support Yorkshire youngster

German based couple support Yorkshire youngster

A German based couple are supporting a four-year-old boy, in Leeds, by funding a tactile sensory pack for him.

After Stuart and Kim Hurst’s 6-year-old daughter, Molly, passed away in March 2017, they founded the Molly Fund charity to finance projects for children with physical and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Molly had a genetic, undiagnosed, condition that caused development delay, and they wanted to support other disabled children like her.

Stuart, who works in finance in Luxembourg, was keen to ensure that some of the money raised in memory of his daughter would go to supporting children in his home town of Leeds, where he still has a number of relatives and friends.

“When Molly was diagnosed people began to fundraise for her,” explained Stuart. “The money raised went into the charity and we’ve continued to fundraise through a number of events, such as the 340km cycle ride that we completed around the Luxembourg border, over one weekend, this summer.

“We wanted the money that we’ve raised to support children in our local community both here in Germany, and in Luxembourg as we live right on the border.

“We also wanted to help a child back home in the UK, but we didn’t know anyone who needed our support.”

Determined to find a child in Leeds, who could benefit from their fundraising, Stuart and Kim took to the internet to find a worthy cause.

“I found an article online about Caudwell Children, the national charity in the UK that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families,“ said Kim. “Following further research we found that they had similar objectives to us, and we quickly realised that they were the type of charity that we wanted to partner with.

“We discovered that they were providing vital funding for specialist equipment, treatment, therapies, activity days and fully supported holidays for disabled children, so we contacted them to see if they knew of a child that we could help.”

Caudwell Children explained that they were fundraising for 4-year-old Harvey, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

His condition has left him with no communication skills, no sense of danger and he’s often anxious and finds it difficult to relax.

The charity explained that they were looking to supply him with a tactile sensory pack and suggested that the Molly Fund could contribute towards the £1,327 cost for the equipment.

The tactile pack has a colourful and visually arresting panel that really captures the imagination of children.

It has many tactile elements that they can explore with their hands and everything glows brightly under UV lights.

“Many parents tell us that their children really engage with the tactile pack,” said Lisa Bates, Associate Director of Core Services at Caudwell Children. “The kit also generates electronic sound when it’s pressed and some parents have told us that it’s had calming effect on their child.”

Stuart and Kim were happy that through Caudwell Children the Molly Fund could support a child in Leeds. As Stuart explained: “What’s really great about the charity is the fact that they have a generous benefactor who covers all the overheads of the charity.

“This means that every single penny of the £930 that the Molly Fund donated will go to supporting Harvey, which gives Kim and myself comfort that we’re really helping.”

Lisa said she was delighted that Stuart and Kim chose to support Caudwell Children. As she concluded: “It’s fantastic that between us we will have a positive impact on a child.

“The tactile packs don’t come cheap, and they can’t be secured through statutory funding, so without the support of the Molly Fund and Caudwell Children Harvey’s parents wouldn’t have been able to buy this equipment.

“It’s really important that charities like Caudwell Children and the Molly Fund continue to fill this gap in provision.”

You can donate to Caudwell Children here. 

You can find out more about the Molly Fund through their Facebook page here.


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