Equipment Services

Equipment Services

Mobility and sensory equipment.
“Growing up my favourite story has always been ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ When I got my powered wheelchair I felt like I had gone from being a caterpillar to as free as a butterfly.”
– Tilly, Caudwell Children beneficiary

How We Help:
– Bespoke multi-purpose powered wheelchairs
– Specialised mobility buggies
– Bespoke therapy tricycles
– Specialised car seats
– Sensory equipment

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– On average a family with a disabled child needs 5 pieces of specialist equipment to provide the basic level of care
-There are an average of 100,000 disabled children waiting for appropriate mobility equipment in the UK
– Wheelchairs which promote mobility and independence are rarely provided to children under 5 years of age
– Without the provision of specialist equipment, further problems can develop, which may be more life-limiting and painful than their original condition

We need your help to:
– Double annually the number of children helped by providing mobility and sensory equipment
– Ensure that a child’s clinical, independence, social and mobility needs are met

How We Help


£5 a month

can help to provide special sensory equipment helping disabled children to engage their senses, promoting movement, learning & encouraging communication.




can provide a specialist therapy tricycle for a disabled child, giving them a sense of social inclusion whilst providing essential physiotherapy.


Equipment Services

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John Caudwell and Chief Executive, Trudi Beswick with Rhea

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