Treatment Services

Treatment Services

Access to life-saving surgeries and treatments.
“Leo used to drag himself around on his knees, he was desperate to run in the playground like his friends. We were preparing for a lifetime of operations, but since having treatment he has been making steady progress and is up on his feet walking and starting to run around. The future for Leo looks completely different now.”
– Leo’s Grandmother

How We Help:
– Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR)
– Specialist Cancer Treatments (Not available in UK)
– Fundraising to cover the cost of treatments & rehabilitation
– One-off donations towards treatment costs
– Providing practical family support

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– 2,000 babies are diagnosed with cerebral palsy every year
– Without intervention children with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy face a lifetime of painful operations and botox injections
– It is estimated that over 100 UK children are currently awaiting SDR treatment
– Almost 300 children die from cancer each year in the UK
– Some cancer treatments, not available in the UK, can improve chances of survival by up to 25%

We need your help to:
– Provide SDR treatment and post-operative therapy for 12+ children each year, providing the support they need to eventually walk and run for the first time
– Double the number of families we support whilst their child is receiving overseas cancer treatment
– Work with partner organisations, particularly the NHS to introduce new cancer treatments to the UK

How We Help


£20 a month

can provide 12 months of practical support for families trying to cope with the emotional and physical strain of their child’s condition.




can provide a home away from home for a family whilst their child is receiving cancer treatment.


Treatment Services

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Treatment Services

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