Join the movement for World Autism Awareness day! 

We’re asking you to game or get active to help raise awareness and vital funds for our Autism Service. 

As a result of long waiting lists and demand for NHS services, children typically wait 18 months to access Autism Services.  

We’re changing that by providing quick autism diagnoses and support for autistic children and their families. But we need your help. 

Pay in your fundraising or donate here!

Join Our Movement Campaign
Join Our Movement Campaign

Gamers are you ready to take the ultimate challenge? Download the fundraising pack below and get your consoles ready. 

Join Our Movement Campaign

It is time to pull out those trainers from the back of the wardrobe and get active! Download your fundraising pack below. 

Join Our Movement Campaign

Take on the ultimate team building challenge or get in touch to see how your business can support the movement. 

World Autism Awareness Day is an internationally recognised day on April 2nd every year and is one of only seven official health-specific United Nations days. 

The day brings autism organisations form all around the world together to progress research, diagnoses, understanding and acceptance for autistic people, their families and carers.

Caudwell International Children's Centre

Caudwell Children has been dedicated to supporting autistic children and young people for 22 years and has developed a state of the art autism centre with a wide range of services to improve outcomes, increase opportunities and further public understanding and acceptance of the condition. 

How your fundraising helps:

£50 – Funds the cost to train our CCAS volunteers for one month

£150 – Funds the cost of a half day workshop for parents of an autistic child

£1500 – Funds the cost of an Autism Assessment

£4700 – One autism assessment with post assessment support for a year.  

Get in touch to see how your business can get involved.