Kerry to take on longest zip wire in the world

Kerry to take on longest zip wire in the world
Kerry to take on longest zip wire in the world

Kerry to take on longest zip wire in the world

A 46-year-old woman from Leighton, in Crewe, is set to ride the longest zip wire in the world in order to raise vital funds for Caudwell Children, the national charity that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families.

Kerry Allerton, who works as a Finance Assistant at waste management company Geminor, in Newcastle-under-Lyme, decided to take on the charity fundraising challenge after bosses from the company attended the official opening of the charity’s new HQ last month.

The Caudwell International Children’s Centre, located close to Geminor’s office on Keele University’s Science and Innovation Park, is the UK’s first independent, purpose built, facility dedicated to the assessment, support, and research of neurodevelopmental conditions, like autism.

“My colleagues were simply blown away by the facilities,” explained Kerry. “So much so that they’re looking to create a corporate partnership with the charity in the near future.

“When they explained to me how the charity is reducing the amount of time it takes to diagnose autistic children, and the level of support that they’re offering to families, I became really excited.

“My sister has two autistic children and my niece also has a seven-year old boy who is unable to communicate because of the condition.

“He can’t do anything for himself and is completely dependent on his parents and I’ve seen the struggles that they’ve had bringing him up.

“A facility like this will be fantastic for them so I decided there and then that I would support it.”

Kerry, who has two daughters aged 22 and 23, is holidaying in Dubai in July and when she was looking online to find out what she and her husband, Simon, could do whilst there she discovered the Jebel Jais Flight Zip Wire.

“It’s huge, and at 1.7 miles it’s the longest zip wire in the world,” exclaimed Kerry. “When I read that you can reach speeds of up to 93mph on it I decided to sign up to ride it and raise money for Caudwell Children in the process.”  

Although Kerry undertook a tandem skydive in 2002 she’s not a regular adrenalin junkie and she’s anxious ahead of the challenge, which will take place on Wednesday 10th July, 2019, at 12 noon (9.00am GMT).

“The line starts at the top of Jebel Jais mountain, the highest peak in the United Arab Emirates,” said Kerry. “I did have a real fear of heights until my parachute jump, and whilst I’m a little better now I still get nervous above a certain height.

“When I start my decent I’ll be 1,934 metres above sea level so I’m hoping the spectacular scenic views will take my mind of it.”  

Simon was going to watch his wife’s attempt but when they discovered that the attraction has two cables, that run alongside each other, he decided to sign up as well.

“He really is afraid of heights!” said Kerry. “But he thought it best to share the thrill of it with me rather than wish that he’d done it afterwards.”

Lying face down in a harness the pair will speed along the zip wire over a distance that is longer than 25 football pitches.

Once riders complete the record-breaking distance they land on a 9.5 tonne suspended platform, with a glass floor, that is anchored into the mountains.

The pair will then be attached to a shorter 1km zip wire to travel the reaming distance to the ground.

“Our daughters think we’re mad but secretly I think they’d like to do it,” concluded Kerry. “Who knows this may give me back my adrenalin bug and if it goes well I fancy following it up with a wing-walk on a traditional biplane!”

Natalie Queiroz, from Caudwell Children is delighted by the pairs support. She said: “This is a great start to our relationship with the Geminor and hopefully it will encourage more of their staff to support the charity.

“We can’t thank Kerry enough for taking the time to take on this hair raising challenge during what’s supposed to be a relaxing holiday, but I’m sure that she and Simon will have plenty of time to calm down afterwards.”

Money raised through the challenge will be used to transform the lives of disabled children living in the UK through a range of service including the charity’s new Autism Service. Since 2000 the charity has provided over £43 million worth of support to over 45,000 children, with over 652 medical conditions.

You can support Kerry through her Just Giving page here.

You can find out how you can support Caudwell Children here. 

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