Lego Walk

Caudwell Children’s Virtual Lego Walk

Virtual Lego Walk

Here at Caudwell Children we are challenging you to walk on Lego all in the name of transforming the lives of disabled children and their families during the COVID-19 crisis.

This unique challenge is a great way of conquering the lockdown blues and having a little bit of fun with all of the family – as well as keeping up your fundraising momentum – at a time where we need your support more than ever! Challenge everyone in the house to get involved and with expert preparation and guidance provided by UK Firewalk (experts in mind over matter training techniques that have helped thousands of people walk over hot coals and glass), you will conquer those Lego pieces and be declared a champion in your own home in no time!

All funds raised from this Virtual Lego Walk will be donated to the Caudwell Children Emergency Fundraising Appeal to help disabled children and their families throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

What do I need to take part?

To put on this event, all you need are two simple things found in your household!

LEGO PIECES – 3-4 blocks deep is the minimum you need to stand on

TOWEL OR SHEET – you will need to lay your Lego on this (and it will make it easier to tidy once you have finished!)

Once you sign up to this event, we will send you two instruction videos from UK Firewalk, showing you how to prepare for your Lego Walk and how to set the event up at home safely.

Once you have completed your work, send us in your photos and videos and we will send your certificate!

Check out the Cincinnati Circus taking part in our Challenge all the way over in Ohio USA here!

For more information please read our Lego Walk FAQs here.

Prices & Fundraising

Entry Fee: £5.00 per person (participants must be 5 years old and older)

Fundraising: We are asking people to try and raise £25 in sponsorship, all of which will go directly to helping disabled children and their families who desperately need our help throughout this COVD-19 Crisis.

Do you feel brave enough? Sign up here.

UK FireWalk Disclaimer 

This information is being used for general education for a Virtual Lego Walk.

Your participation in Virtual Lego Walking is completely voluntary and at your own risk. You also understand that no assurance guaranteeing your safety is being made and you agree to hold UK Firewalk, the sponsors, facilitators and organisers completely harmless of all liability if you sustain any injuries.

If you voluntary choose to Lego Walk, there is possibility you may receive injuries requiring medical attention. You agree not to bring any suit for damages and release all parties associated with the Virtual Lego Walking from responsibility for any damaged suffered by you, physical or financial.

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