Mother of autistic girl supports 1000 Trees campaign

Mother of autistic girl supports 1000 Trees campaign
Mother of autistic girl supports 1000 Trees campaign

Mother of autistic girl supports 1000 Trees campaign

The mother of a seven-year-old autistic girl, from Bootle, is supporting Caudwell Children’s ‘1000 Trees’ fundraising appeal after the charity  provided support for her daughter over the last five years.

Sarah Edwards, is sponsoring one of 1000 butterfly friendly plants and trees that will be planted around the soon to be opened headquarters of Caudwell Children.

The Caudwell International Children’s Centre will be the UK’s first independent purpose-built facility dedicated to providing multi-disciplinary assessment, support and research of neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism.

Sarah’s daughter, Ellie, was born full term after a complication free pregnancy. Her development continued as expected until she was two years old when her parents noticed her behaviour started to regress.

“She had begun to develop a vocabulary and had as many as 200 words, but suddenly she stopped speaking,” explained Sarah. “She started to become withdrawn and unhappy and she became more sensory.

“She would lick things and became upset by noise. It was heart-breaking to watch as she began to act like a baby again.”

Sarah says that she received little help from a number of agencies who appeared reluctant to diagnose her daughter.

When she was finally diagnosed, at the age of three, she was surprised by the medical response. She said: “When I was finally told about the condition I expected immediate support, but I just didn’t get it.

“I felt completely alone and that was when I got in touch with Caudwell Children, who were amazing.

“They’ve supported Ellie with lots of things but one thing that’s been particularly helpful was a light sensory pack which cost over £1,300.

“The LED lights, bubble tubes and dark den gives her an area where she can relax and calm down when she has become anxious, and it’s helped her to make progress at school.

“The support that Caudwell Children has given her has helped her to become more attentive and she now loves to listen to people reading to her and will sit and listen during story time, and she’ll also willingly follow instructions.

“Without the charity’s support I don’t think this would have been possible, that’s why I’m supporting the 1000 Trees campaign.

“The new Caudwell International Children’s Centre will be a godsend to parents like myself and children like Ellie.”  

The environmentally friendly campaign will help to create a stunning landscape around the state-of-the-art building in Keele, North Staffordshire.

Andy Bailey, Campaigns Manager at Caudwell Children, is delighted by the donation. As he explained: “It’s a fantastic gesture by Sarah and Ellie and in return they will receive a special, numbered, certificate and the family will be invited to an exclusive VIP tour of the new centre.

“They’ll also be given the opportunity to plant the tree themselves, so for any corporate supporters out there who would like to sponsor a tree it’s a great PR opportunity.

“Our supporters will leave a lasting legacy, not only on the landscape but in the lives of disabled children and young people.”

Plants (e.g. Verbena, Senum, Buddleja) can be sponsored for £25, a small tree (e.g. Cherry, Apple, Silver Birch) for £50 and a large tree (e.g. Cedar, Lime, Beech) for £100.

For more information call Andy Bailey on 01782 600867 or visit the 1000 Trees webpage here. 

You can sponsor a plant or tree online here.

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