Mothers message of gratitude for sons sensory pack

Mothers message of gratitude for sons sensory pack
Mothers message of gratitude for sons sensory pack

Mothers message of gratitude for sons sensory pack


The mother of a 12-year-old boy from North Tyneside, has publicly thanked the national charity Caudwell Children, for providing her son with a calming Light Sensory Pack.

Kyle has autism and adhd, a condition that sometimes makes it difficult for him to communicate with others. He also struggles to process a variety of senses including sight, sound and touch.

As a result Kyle can become anxious in certain environments, as his mother Tracy, explained: “Although Kyle is verbal he has to be spoken to in simplified language for him to understand instructions.

“He needs a routine and if this is broken he can get anxious and upset. He doesn’t like busy or crowded areas and likes to spend time alone in his room, especially after the hustle and bustle of school.

“Because of this he is unable to play outside with his friends.”

Luckily, at an autism support group, Tracy was told about Caudwell Children, and the practical and emotional support that they give to disabled children and their families.

“I contacted the charity and they recommended a light sensory pack for Kyle,” said Tracy. “They even provided fundraising support so that I could buy the equipment.

“The pack contains fibre optic lights, a bubble tube, projector and a weighted blanket. The pack has really improved Kyle’s quality of life and it gives him a variety of tactile, sensory experiences that help calm him down when he’s feeling stressed.

“For the first time ever he is sleeping with his weighted blanket, which is amazing! I can’t believe the equipment has had such a positive impact on Kyle in such a short space of time. So I took to social media to thank Caudwell Children on their Facebook page.”

Michelle Dias, Regional Family Services Coordinator for Caudwell Children, was delighted by Tracy’s response. She said: “It’s such a joy when you hear parents explaining how the charity has had such a positive impact on a child.    

“Without Caudwell Children’s support many parents would be unable to buy this equipment as it doesn’t come cheap. The pack that we identified would best suit Kyle’s needs came in at nearly £700, which is beyond the means of many families.

“This equipment can’t be secured through statutory funding so it’s really important that Caudwell Children continues to fill this gap in provision.

 “The support of Caudwell Children has been vital for Kyle, and the calming effects of the equipment have been fantastic. The projector also runs throughout the night and helps him to sleep.

“Each feature in the light sensory pack has been designed to engage and calm children with sensory challenges. Hopefully, it will continue to distract Kyle from some of his frustrations and may enable him and his family to relax together.”

You can donate to Caudwell Children, and help other young people like Kyle here. 

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