Mothers message of thanks for supporting her son

Mothers message of thanks for supporting her son
Mothers message of thanks for supporting her son

Mothers message of thanks for supporting her son

The mother of a nine-year-old boy, from Luton, has publicly thanked Caudwell Children for funding a tactile sensory pack for her son.

Harry has autism, a condition that makes it hard for him to concentrate and leaves him anxious in crowded and noisy place.

He’s also non-verbal, which makes it difficult for him to communicate with others, and he struggles to process a variety of senses including sight, sound and touch.

“There’s very little that captures Harry’s imagination,” said his mother Jacqui. “This results in him excitedly running around the house climbing on things.

“He’s also has a hearing impairment which means it’s incredibly difficult to find anything that calms him down.”

Harry’s Occupational Therapist told Jacqui about tactile packs and the way in which they support children.

Unfortunately, the one that best suited Harry’s needs cost an eye watering £1,029, which was way beyond the family’s budget.

Luckily a friend suggested contacting Caudwell Children to see if they could fund the pack.

“I emailed the charity and they sent me out an application form which I completed,” said Jacqui. “I couldn’t believe it when they agreed to fund the tactile pack, I was overwhelmed.”

Harry recently received the equipment and Jacqui says it’s already had a positive impact on his life. As she explained: “The pack, which has a colourful and visually arresting panel, really captures his imagination.

“It’s full of tactile things that he can explore with his hands and everything glows brightly under a UV light.

“He engages with it so well and he really concentrates when he’s using it; it’s fantastic.

“Not only that it generates electronic sound when he presses it and you can also adjust the volume and pitch so that he can hear it, even without his hearing aids.

”I can’t thank the charity enough for what they’ve done for Harry.”

Harry’ father, James, says that the equipment has had a calming effect on his son. He said: “He loves to twiddle with the dials and the pack enables him to sit down, even if it’s only for 10 minutes, and enjoy himself.

“This gives us the chance to have a little break as before he got the pack he never took time out.

“It’s been an absolute miracle for us!” 

Lisa Bates, Associate Director of Core Services at Caudwell Children, is delighted that the charity could support Harry. As she explained: “It’s fantastic when you hear parents explaining how we’ve had such a positive impact on a child.          

“Without Caudwell Children’s support many parents would be unable to buy this equipment as it doesn’t come cheap.

“Tactile packs can’t be secured through statutory funding so it’s really important that Caudwell Children continues to fill this gap in provision.

 “The support of Caudwell Children has been great for Harry and it appears that the calming effects of the equipment have been beneficial to him.

“Each feature in the pack has been designed to engage children and hopefully it will continue to attract Harry’s attention and enable him and his family to relax together.”

To find out how Caudwell Children could support your child visit the web page here.

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