Mum lends support to ‘1000 Trees’ appeal

Mum lends support to ‘1000 Trees’ appeal
Mum lends support to ‘1000 Trees’ appeal

Mum lends support to ‘1000 Trees’ appeal

Angela Stevens, from Tunstall, in Stoke-on-Trent, has sponsored one of 1000 butterfly friendly trees to be planted around the soon to be opened Caudwell Children International Children’s Centre (CICC), in Keele, North Staffordshire.

The mother of three was compelled to lend her support to the ‘1000 Trees’ appeal after reading about the state of the art centre in a BBC News article on her iPhone.

Having struggled for 10 years to have her 26-year-old son diagnosed with autism she was thrilled to learn that the CICC will be the UK’s first independent purpose-built facility dedicated to providing multi-disciplinary assessment, support and research of neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism.

Angela also has a 6-year-old grandson who is being assessed for autism, and she’s hoping that the centre will give him the support that her son, Brett, never received as a child. As she explained: “My grandson Alfie’s behaviour is similar to that of Brett’s at the same age.

“He’s currently being assessed by the child and adolescent mental health service. He struggles to communicate with people, and he often doesn’t make eye contact, but he is yet to be diagnosed.”

Angela is excited about the support that the CICC may bring to children like Alfie, and hopes that the facility will be an invaluable resource.  As she explained: “Brett was sent to a school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties and even recommended for a referral unit for children out of control!

“There was little help for him as a child so I’m hoping that the CICC will provide the support needed for my grandson. That’s why I was so keen to get behind the ‘1000 Tress’ campaign as funding for this resource is vital if we are improve the wellbeing of children and young people with autism.”

The ‘1000 Trees’ campaign will help to create a stunning landscape around the centre where visiting families will be able to relax, play and discover.

As Andy Bailey, Campaigns Manger at Caudwell Children, explained: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our supporters to leave a lasting legacy on the landscape and also change the lives of disabled children and young people.

“It’s an ambitious campaign as we aim to raise £50,000 towards the cost of the building and the services that we provide. But as Angela has illustrated it’s one that we believe people will readily support.”

The environmentally friendly campaign will see the names of supporters inscribed on the charity’s ‘1000 Trees Thank You Plaque’. Donors will also receive a numbered certificate, will be invited to an exclusive VIP tour of the new centre, and will get the opportunity to plant their tree.

Plants (e.g. Verbena, Senum, Buddleja) can be sponsored for £25, a small tree (e.g. Cherry, Apple, Silver Birch) for £50 and a large tree (e.g. Cedar, Lime, Beech) for £100.

For more information call Andy Bailey on 01782 600867 or visit  the webpage here.

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