Mum says charity has helped daughters independence

Mum says charity has helped daughters independence
Mum says charity has helped daughters independence

Mum says charity has helped daughters independence

The mother of a 10-year-old girl from Minworth, near Sutton Coldfield, has publicly thanked Caudwell Children, for providing her daughter with a state-of-the-art powerchair.

Jane Sheldon’s daughter, Lilly-Anna, has cerebral palsy diplegia, a condition that has left her with a weakness in her leg muscles, pelvis and core that makes it extremely difficult for her to walk.

As Lilly-Anna has grown she has found it increasingly difficult to carry her body weight and she began to miss out on activities with her classmates and friends.

As Jane explained: “My daughter relies on other people to help her access the places that she wants to visit.

“She has a manual wheelchair and a walker but recently her condition has taken a toll on her energy levels, and she’s started to find it difficult to keep up with her friends.

“It’s been heart-breaking seeing her missing out on things so I decided to contact Caudwell Children to see if they could help Lilly-Anna.”

Caudwell Children, recommended a Puma 40 Powerchair for the Minworth Junior School pupil. Unfortunately, there was a considerable financial barrier to the family securing the wheelchair.

“The powerchair that the charity said would best suit Lilly-Anna’s needs cost over £8,000, which is way outside the budget of most families,” said Jane. “But Caudwell Children very kindly offered to provide 80 percent of the cost, which was amazing.

“They also put me in touch with another charity that paid off the balance of the chair.”

Having recently received her new wheelchair it took a number of weeks to make the adjustments necessary to make it suitable for Lilly-Anna’s everyday needs.

As a keen horse rider and swimmer the equipment will enable her to continue pursuing the hobbies that she loves.

“The new wheelchair has changed my daughter’s life,” said Jane. “She has regained her independence and she can now go on school trips, access environments with her friends, and get into the stable where hers sisters horse is kept.”

Before receiving her powerchair Lilly-Anna found it hard to get across uneven surfaces, but now she will be able to explore more difficult areas opening up countless new opportunities for her.

“Although Lilly-Anna loves listening to music and watching vloggers, like any child it’s important that she gets outside to have fun as it’s incredibly important for her wellbeing,” said Jane. “The new powerchair will allow us to go out as a family. We’ll be able to go shopping together and visit parks and zoos, we’ll be able to go on day trips together and we’ll get to walk the dog, which will be fantastic.”

Jane can’t thank the charity enough for their support and is encouraging other parents of disabled children to get in touch with Caudwell Children. As she concluded: “If there are any parents out there struggling to get the equipment that they need for their child they should definitely approach the charity for help.

“Lilly-Anna is ecstatic with her new powerchair and it was such an easy process as the charity is so friendly. They are a godsend to children like Lilly-Anna, I don’t know what we would have done without them.”

You can help other children like Lilly-Anna by donating here. 

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