New tricycle allows disabled girl to play outside

New tricycle allows disabled girl to play outside
New tricycle allows disabled girl to play outside

New tricycle allows disabled girl to play outside

A six-year-old girl from Ashford, in Kent, who has a complex medical condition that affects her mobility, has received a specialist tricycle that will allow her to ride outside with her mother.

Ebony can only walk short distances, with a walking frame, so she is a full time wheelchair user.

Her poor balance means that she is unable to ride a standard bicycle leaving her a spectator when her friends cycle outside.

But thanks to Caudwell Children, the national charity that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, Ebony can now join in the fun too!

The charity provided the fundraising support needed to pay for a specialist tricycle for the Wyvern School pupil, and now Ebony can happily play outside with her small group of school friends.

Mum, Amy, says her daughter loves the new tricycle, which cost an eye watering £1,277, but says she nearly didn’t get it. As she explained: “Ebony loves arts and crafts, painting, gluing, and any messy stuff really, but she also loves being outside in the garden.

“So when I was told about the therapy tricycles, and how they have been designed to aid physical development and rehabilitation, and that they are great for building up the strength in a child’s legs, I immediately thought about getting one for Ebony.

“However, at a cost of nearly £1,300 it was way out of my budget but luckily the supplier told me about Caudwell Children and the funding support that they provide.”

Amy, aged 30, says the process for applying for funding was really simple and she couldn’t believe it when she found out her application was successful.

“Ebony adores the tricycle and we’ve been out on it loads of times since she received it, last week,” she said. “As a result of her condition she is also non-verbal and she’s been signing the word tricycle for weeks, she’s been so exited!” 

Mark Bushell, from Caudwell Children, says that the fitness benefits of the tricycle will be as important as the fun for Ebony. He said: “The new tricycle has been engineered to make pedalling that much easier, and soon Ebony will be able to pedal everywhere. 

“Before they receive a specialist tricycle some children have lots of energy that they are unable to burn off. With this equipment they’re able to do loads of exercise without really noticing it.”

You can find out how Caudwell Children could support your child here. 

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