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The news and Media Team

The Caudwell Children Media Team work to get the charity’s name ‘up in lights’ and highlight the wonderful work our fundraising and service delivery teams are doing 365 days a year. We also champion the needs of our beneficiaries by seeking opportunities to bring disability to the forefront of the public consciousness, acting as a voice for disabled children and their families. If you have a story, or you would like to learn more about the Caudwell Children Media Team, please contact us on or follow us on social media.


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Catch up on the latest news about how Caudwell Children is changing children’s lives today


News & Media
Young disabled boy


Spread the Word

We rely on our ‘Purple People’ friends and supporters to help spread the word about Caudwell Children. Please help by following and sharing our news on social media.

Caudwell Children
Sir Bruce Forsyth

Celebrity Ambassadors

Caudwell Children is very proud of the support we receive from our celebrity ambassadors, all of whom have recognised the difference we are trying to make to disabled children’s lives


News & Media


Visit the gallery and watch our collection of charity films about our work and some of our events



Browse the picture gallery to see our Purple People having fun and changing disabled children’s lives


News & Media

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