Caudwell Children are pleased to offer a range of parent workshops that focus on many of the common difficulties associated with raising a child with disabilities or autism.  

Parent Workshops

 If your child has a confirmed diagnosis, you may be interested in one of the following workshops:


Date: Available NOW! 

This workshop aims to provide information about the ways in which sensory processing may impact a child with additional needs. It also discusses sensory processing difficulties and details how these may be impacting on the child/family.


Date: Available NOW! 

This workshop provides an overview of communication in general, exploring how difficulties with these concepts can impact on the child and family. This workshop will give parents ways to support their child in developing their use of language and ability to communicate.

Date: Available NOW! 

This workshop outlines the importance of relationships and some of the difficulties a child with additional needs may encounter. It outlines the importance of play to a child’s development and how play helps forming of friendships. This workshop will give practical strategies and tips to allow parents to support their child.

Date: Available NOW! 

This workshop provides an overview of challenging behaviour and will help parents to understand why these behaviours may be happening and suggest strategies to support this

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