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Providing specialised services for
disabled children and their families

Caudwell Children Services

Provides support for disabled children and their families.

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Services - New 2018

Family Support

Our Family Support Service helps families by providing practical and emotional support; signposting services; giving assistance in applying for support; and putting them in contact with local specialist services.


Services - New 2018


On average a family with a disabled child need 5 pieces of specialist equipment to provide the basic level of care. We don’t believe in waiting lists for children. Early provision of equipment can prevent the development of associated health problems.


Services - New 2018


When trying to cope with the trauma of their child’s illness or disability, families face emotional, physical and financial turmoil. We fundraise to cover hospital expenses for life-saving treatments and provide care and practical support.


Services - New 2018


Movement disorders that present like cerebral palsy can mean that a child has difficulty controlling their muscles as they develop.  Therapy can help children to reach their potential by increasing their mobility.


Services - New 2018

Supported Breaks

We believe that all disabled children and young people should be able to enjoy high quality and inclusive activities. A supported holiday or short break can give a young person the opportunity to try something new.


Autism Service

The Caudwell Children Autism Service (CCAS) provides assessment, intervention, and support for children with ASD and their families. This is done across a variety of services designed with your child and family in mind.


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Our official legal partners, Irwin Mitchell, provides access to medical care, rehabilitation and support to children with disability.

As a long-time supporter of Caudwell Children and families with disability, Irwin Mitchell has helped countless parents achieve the best possible outcome for their child. You can make a free, no-obligation enquiry with a member of their dedicated team of solicitors or read more about the services they provide: