Sports Equipment

Giving disabled children the chance to achieve their dreams in sport.

Caudwell Children Sports Equipment Programme

Funding Available in partnership with

Sports Equipment programme was launched in partnership with The Edward Gostling Foundation

Disabled children across the UK are desperate to participate in sports. Sadly, specialist sport equipment can cost up to 100 times more than its able-bodied equivalent. Adaptive equipment is a prerequisite for a number of sports including basketball, football, rugby, tennis, running and archery.

Thanks to funding support from The Edward Gostling Foundation (EGF), formed in 1994 to give people with a physical or mental disability the same quality of life opportunities as others, Caudwell Children will now be able to match fund specialist sports equipment, for aspiring athletes, for the next five years.

The Edward Gostling Foundation (formerly The ACT Foundation) was formed in 1994 and is registered with the Charity Commission (number 1068617).

The foundation provide grants to other charities that are registered and regulated by a UK Charity Commission with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of people in need and, particularly, those on a low income who have a physical and/or mental disability or long-term illness.


Our official legal partners, Irwin Mitchell, provides access to medical care, rehabilitation and support to children with disability.

As a long-time supporter of Caudwell Children and families with disability, Irwin Mitchell has helped countless parents achieve the best possible outcome for their child. You can make a free, no-obligation enquiry with a member of their dedicated team of solicitors or read more about the services they provide: