Stoke teen presented with life changing wheelchair

Stoke teen presented with life changing wheelchair
Stoke teen presented with life changing wheelchair

Stoke teen presented with life changing wheelchair

Owen Rollason, from Bucknall in Stoke-on-Trent, has received a state-of-the-art powered wheelchair worth over £10,000 thanks to the support of the Staffordshire based national charity, Caudwell Children, and two London companies.

Owen, aged 15, was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that effects his mobility and has left him a full time wheelchair user.

Unfortunately, the Moorside High School pupil has outgrown his current wheelchair making it uncomfortable for him to use.

With little statutory funding available to upgrade his wheelchair Owen’s mum and dad, Adam and Dawn, feared their son’s health would deteriorate.

But now, thanks to Caudwell Children, who provide practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, Owen has received the new wheelchair that he so desperately needed.

As Dawn explained: “Owen has received support from Caudwell Children in the past and with no one else to turn to we approached them again for fundraising support.

“At The Butterfly Ball, their flagship fundraising event held in London earlier in the year, they appealed for businesses to support Owen’s new wheelchair and we were amazed when we were told that two London based companies had pledged their support.”

Chase Construction Group and MSMR Architects agreed to go fifty- fifty on the specialist equipment and on Tuesday 17th October representatives from the two companies presented Owen, with his new wheelchair at Caudwell Children’s HQ in Stoke.

“We are so pleased to have given our support to Owen,” said David Brewin, from Chase Construction Group. “To actually meet him and discuss with him and his Mum how the new chair has helped, was just brilliant. 

“With other gifts and donations we have made in the past to other good causes, we have never got to see where the money goes or who it actually benefits.

“However, with Caudwell Children we can see exactly where the funds have gone and meet the person it has helped, which is great!”  

David Baggaley, from MSMR Architects, was impressed by the wheelchairs capabilities. As he explained: “Even when Owen is travelling over uneven surfaces the technology within his new  wheelchair will keep his body upright and level at all times.

“It’s a fantastic piece of equipment and to see him benefiting from it makes us all incredibly proud.”

Owen, says that the new wheelchair will allow him more access to a variety of environments. He said: “My old chair was much bulkier and I had difficulty getting through some of the doors at school.

“It also used to wheel spin on grass. But now I’ll even be able to travel on gravel and I’ll be able to get into the fridge at home, which I don’t think mum’s too happy about!”

Dawn says that the wheelchair is adaptable and will last Owen into his adult life. As she explained: “As Owen grows the wheelchair will grow with him. Not only that it can be tilted so that he can lie down and this will reduce his foot and ankle swelling. 

“The wheelchair will make a huge difference to him and we can’t thank all those involved in helping to fund it enough.”

Trudi Beswick, Chief Executive at Caudwell Children was delighted by the corporate support given by the two companies. She said: “It’s brilliant that Chase Construction and MSMR Architects have supported Owen in this way.

“The new wheelchair will improve Owen’s life immeasurably. Unbelievably, there are 70,000 children in the UK who would benefit from the correct mobility equipment. Thanks to generous donations from the business community and members of the public we can support children like Owen, giving them the specialist equipment that they deserve.” 

Please donate here and help other young people like Owen.

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