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Autism Sensory Packs

You gave us your views and we listened!

Processing everyday sensory information can be extremely difficult for children with autism, any of their senses can become over or under stimulated by the environment around them. This is why we have created affordable sensory packs that were specifically designed to support children with autism. We have been mindful that the pack needed to be fun, educational, durable and safe. Many of the items in the pack are compact, so they are suitable for travel or to take to school.

How do I know if my child is eligible?

  • ✔ You can apply for packs directly.
  • ✔ You must have a child who has been diagnosed with autism who is under the age of 18 years old.
  • ✔ You must legally live in the UK.
  • ✔ Your household income must be below £45,000 per year (before tax, excluding benefits).
  • ✔ There can only be one application per household.
  • ✔ Caudwell Children will provide eligible families with 80% towards the cost of each Autism Sensory Pack, the full pack is worth £112.80. You will be asked to contribute 20% of the cost, which is £22.
  • ✔ Families are able to apply for both the Autism Sensory Pack and Get Sensory Pack at the same time, but you are not able to switch midway through the application process, you need separate applications for both packs.

We want to help as many children as possible but we only have a limited number of these amazing Autism Sensory Packs available. We may have to prioritise applications and cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a pack. Our promise to you is that we will let you know as soon as possible if you have been successful or if we believe there is another way in which we can help you.

You will be asked to provide confirmation of your financial status and confirmation of your child’s diagnosis. Applying for an Autism Sensory Pack will not prevent you from accessing other equipment or support from Caudwell Children services.

About the Autism Sensory Packs

Our Occupational Therapy and Support Team have selected crucial sensory items that aid autistic children with hearing, vision and touch. The pack also contains items that support children’s cognitive skills and learning such as colour and shape.

What does each Autism Sensory Pack include?

Dark Den Tent

This item has been added to the pack so a child has a safe space to retreat and so the child can increase their independence in sensory and emotional regulation.

Bubble Lamp with Fish

A long water filled tube containing bubbles and a colourful array of fish that appear to swim up and down. This item is designed to provide relaxing stimulation and eye tracking. It can also be used to teach children how to count and to recognise different colours.

Shake and Shine Glitter Lamp

The lamp lights up when shaken and produces multiple colours and sparkles. This item can help children with eye tracking, motor control and relaxation. The lamp doesn’t have any sound so can be used as a mood light when a child is trying to fall asleep. The lamp will turn off on its own.


The tambourine can be used with or without different lighting effects. Children can learn about how their movements produce different sounds or if a children doesn’t like to talk then the tambourine could be used to communicate. This item has been added to aid with arousal regulation while being exciting and stimulating.

Set of Four Spikey Rugby Balls

These items light up when bounced and will enhance children’s visual stimulation and encourage eye tracking. They can also aid with shapes, motor skills and hand eye coordination. The balls can be used for games involving rolling or throwing.

Fidget Gel/Glitter Shapes

These large colourful shapes are filled with bright colourful gel and are designed to be a therapeutic aid and to help children self soothe. The shaped also help to educate and support with arousal regulation.

UV Puffer Ball

This item can be used to aid with hand strength, arousal regulation and stress.

Green Ooze Tube

This tube can help with eye tracking, arousal regulation and can be used as a relaxation technique.

UV Products

These items reflect brightly when the mini UV torch is shone onto them and they help with arousal regulation, motor skills, hand eye and body coordination.

Glow in the Dark Twist, Stretch and Squidge Ball

This ball helps children with arousal regulation, stress relief and hand strength.

Ocean Wave

This item projects relaxing colourful wave effects, produces nature sounds and can be wired up to other audio sources. The Ocean Wave supports children with relaxation, arousal regulation and aids with sleeping.

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