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We All Have A Different Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of year!

Some of us adore the festive season and fully submerge ourselves in the Christmas spirit, participating in anything and everything Christmas related, however some of us can’t celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense as the twinkling lights and surprise of gift unwrapping can be too overwhelming.

This year, Caudwell Children’s Christmas campaign tells the story of a family enjoying Christmas in their own unique way. In the video each family member is wearing a sweatshirt, hoodie or t-shirt featuring a slogan which represents a different personality trait during the festive season.

Meet the Family!

Eden – All I want for Christmas is Food

My name is Eden and I’m 8 years old, Christmas is a really exciting time for me and I think my mummy is secretly an elf, she decorates everywhere!

My Christmas can be a little bit different than other people’s because when I was a baby I was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. I need to have lots of strong medicine to help with my stiffness which can make me really sick. I’m not too good in the morning, I can’t rush out of bed on Christmas morning, I have to take my time.

Mummy and me wanted to help Caudwell Children as every child deserves the best, having a disability shouldn’t stop us from achieving what we want to, plus I really love to act, sing and dance.

Jim – Sprout Lover

In my household Christmas is a quiet time which I spend with my family.

I am currently retired and I am a regular volunteer with Caudwell Children. Volunteering gives me a job to do in my spare time that is fulfilling and rewarding. When I heard about the Christmas campaign, I was happy to help out as I have a son who is autistic.

We All Have A Different Christmas sounded like a great idea and I knew taking part in the video would be fun, interesting and beneficial to Caudwell Children.

Levi – I Hate Christmas, Only Joking

I’m Levi and I’m 13 years old, Christmas is a time for us to enjoy family and appreciate the quality time we have together even if our Christmas is a little different from anyone else’s.

Caudwell Children has helped me a lot and has changed my life forever, I was given an autism assessment at Caudwell International Children’s Centre and was finally diagnosed with autism. I am now able to go to a SEND school where the teachers support and understand me.

I was so excited when I was asked if I wanted to be in the We All Have A Different Christmas video, before Caudwell Children’s help I would never have been able to do anything like this. My confidence is always growing and I can’t wait to see what my future holds.

Layla – I Paused My Game To Be Here

My name is Layla and I’m 11 years, I love Christmas, it’s a lot of fun and I enjoy eating all of the yummy food.

When my mummy told me that Caudwell Children needed our help, I was really happy, I couldn’t wait to start filming.

I was a little bit nervous at first but I had a lovely day and I made some amazing new friends in Levi and Eden.

Paul – Turkey Burner & Michael – Christmas Baker

We are fathers to two sets of identical twins, Levi, Lucas, Lotan and Lance. Our older twins Levi and Lucas have complex needs, they have autism, epilepsy and other disabilities.

Christmas is relaxed for us, we tend to stick to the same routine, Lotan and Lance will open their presents while we feed Levi and Lucas their breakfast. We have Christmas Dinner at our usual time and they watch the cartoons they would normally watch all year round. Our boys love music so we always have a little disco and dance with sensory lights going on.

We were really keen to support this year’s Christmas campaign, because as ambassadors for Caudwell Children we witness first-hand how much of a difference they can make to families lives like ours.

The money raised from the sale of these wonderful jumpers will help so many children, all families have a different Christmas and it’s important to celebrate this.

Smudge – Star of the Video

Hi I’m Smudge and I’m a very energetic 2-year-old Shih Tzu!

Christmas is a very exciting time for me as I love to eat the leftovers from the Christmas dinner!

I loved filming the Christmas Campaign video as I got to eat plenty of Turkey from the table and to chase a cat around the house! It was such a fun and energy-filled day!

This range has been created by our talented designers and is available for you to buy using the Teespring website.

You can choose from ten slogans which includes Sprout Lover, Turkey Burner and I Hate Christmas: Only Joking; each slogan has two different designs.

Not only will you and your loved ones look incredibly stylish in your unique festive attire but you will be helping to transform lives, because 100% of the profit we make will go directly towards helping autistic children or children with a disability.