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Wilnelia Forsyth visits Caudwell Children’s Charity as a tribute to late husband, the legendary Bruce Forsyth.

As a tribute, Lady Wilnelia, beloved wife of the late Sir Bruce Forsyth visited Caudwell Children’s charity on Tuesday 16th August 2022. The British entertainer whose career spanned for more than 75 years, passed away in 2017, aged 89 and was an avid supporter and ambassador of the charity for more than eight years.
On the fifth anniversary of his death, Wilnelia has continued to help the charity and has ensured that the legacy she made alongside Bruce lives on.

She was given a guided tour of the Caudwell International Children’s Centre based in Keele Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire by Trudi Beswick Chief Executive of the charity, a close a personal friend of Lady Wilnelia.

Wilnelia said “My dear Bruce would have been so proud to see this place, sadly he didn’t have the chance, it’s coming up to his fifth anniversary of passing and I thought there’s no better place to come to one of the charities that he supported.”

Caudwell Children opened the centre back in 2019 and is the UK’s first independent, state-of-the-art and multi-award-winning facility dedicated to autism and neurodevelopment disorders. Every aspect of the centre is designed to ensure that it meets the needs of the children and families.

This is further demonstrated by the fact that even the Caudwell Children Butterfly logo was design by the children. Asked why they chose a Butterfly, the children responded “ … when we get in touch with the charity, we feel we’re in chrysalis, and you give us wings and help us to fly.”

Wilnelia witnessed first-hand the amazing work the disability charity does by observing the staff and talking with the volunteers, she even had the incredible opportunity of engaging with some of the inspirational children attending the centre.

Wilnelia added “This centre is an incredible place and it was wonderful to be with some of the staff and to see how they work with the children and all the help they get.

“They need a lot of support and they need a lot of volunteers. I want to thank Trudi for showing me around, there are so many details, a beautiful garden and it’s a very peaceful place to be.”

Caudwell Children CEO Trudi Beswick said “It was an honour to have Wilnelia join us today, her support means so much to us, it was extremely heart-warming to see her playing with the children and witnessing all those smiley happy faces.

“Words cannot express how thankful we are to Bruce and Wilnelia for the work they have done for the charity. Sir Bruce was a national treasure and is deeply missed but it’s a comfort to know that his spirit lives on.”

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