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Speak to a member of our family support team to get information and support.

How to get started

  1. Click on the red ‘Chat to us’ button below to get started (a new window will open).
  2. Please read the Terms and Conditions and tick the ‘I agree to the terms and conditions and am over 18 years old’ checkbox (required).
  3. Tick the checkbox ‘I wish to receive updates about Caudwell Children’ if you would like to receive regular news updates from us (optional).
  4. Click the ‘START CHAT` button.

It will take a few moments to connect you with a Family Support team member.

You can now chat to one of our trained family support staff or volunteers for information and support via our online chat service.

Type your question into the chat window and wait for a reply from one of our team.

When they are replying to you, you will be able to see a ‘…’ symbol in the chat window.

Once they have finished typing you will be able to see their reply to you.

You can now type in your response and press enter.

When you have finished your chat session, you will get a message to say that the session has ended.

You will then be asked to fill out a brief survey about your experience today.

Please note that this service is currently only available in English.

If you do not receive a reply straight away, the team may be busy helping other callers, please try again in a few minutes.

Keep the window open while you are waiting otherwise you may miss out on the reply.

All online chat conversations you have with our staff and volunteers will remain confidential. Caudwell Children may record or monitor chat messages for training and quality purposes only.

For more information about how Caudwell Children collects, stores and processes personal information, please see our Organisational Privacy Policy.

Caudwell Children is not responsible for and cannot be held liable for other services or the content or advice they provide.

Please refer to the terms and conditions below for more information.

Terms and conditions:

  • Online chat will usually be available from 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.
  • Our online chat service provides signposting and information only and is not a counselling service.
  • Sharing information over the internet can never be guaranteed as secure. Use the same caution when using our online chat service as you would when using any online service.
  • DO NOT enter sensitive personal data such as medical information, bank details, credit card numbers, login details or any other information that could be used to cause you harm or deceive you e.g. to get money.
  • We will only share information where we have to, this may include safeguarding issues, criminal activities and where you have given us permission to do so to help with your support.
  • Online chat records will be stored by Caudwell Children in line with our Record Management policy and destroyed after 2 years.
  • Caudwell Children may use your online chat records to help improve services in future, such as for training purposes or for evaluation purposes.
  • Caudwell Children does not accept any abuse of our staff or volunteers. Caudwell Children reserves the right to block any individual from using the online chat service if this happens.
  • If a team member believes that your chat raises a safeguarding issue it will be handled according to our Child and Adult Safeguarding policies.

Privacy Policy:

To learn more about Caudwell Children’s privacy policy, please click here.