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Quentin Esme Brown joins the ‘visionary’ Life-Changers Circle by committing to donate at least £1,000,000 to charity

Quentin Esme Brown joins the ‘visionary’ Life-Changers Circle by committing to donate at least £1,000,000 to charity

Quentin Esme Brown joins the ‘visionary’ Life-Changers Circle by committing to donate at least £1,000,000 to charity

American socialite and humanitarian, Quentin Esme Brown, met with the renowned UK philanthropist John Caudwell at his London home to officially sign a pledge to donate a minimum of £1million to help autistic and disabled children, joining the growing number of high-profile pledgers to join his prestigious Life-Changers Circle.

The Life-Changers Circle was established in 2020 by Mr Caudwell in a bid to create a global network of like-minded philanthropists working together for a common goal. Membership to the network requires a commitment to donate £1million to the charity, with 7 inductees already signed up to the generous pledge.

Esme (as she is commonly known), is the daughter of the late real estate developer Harry Joe Brown Jr. (or “Coco”), and granddaughter of Hollywood mogul, Harry Joe Brown and actress Sally Eilers. A native New Yorker, Esme relocated to London in January 2020, residing in Highgate with her husband and young son.

Mrs Brown commented on the announcement: “It’s an honour to join such a motivated group of like-minded people. John is a philanthropic visionary and a force to be reckoned with and I could not be more grateful to unite with Caudwell Children. Having PTSD and two rare and incurable neurological disorders, myself, I am no stranger to the importance of diagnostics and early intervention. When health is in question, knowledge is power. The continuation of research and understanding of childhood conditions is paramount and Caudwell Children are able to provide disabled children and their families access to hope and support; a poetic and effective solution to the otherwise common feeling of isolation and powerlessness.”

Mr Caudwell added: “I am thrilled that Quentin has joined the Life-Changers Circle and incredibly grateful for her generous donation to the charity. All of our members share the same passion and desire to make the world a better place and we will continue seeking like-minded people to further expand the incredible impact we as a group can have on people’s lives.”

Caudwell Children is a national charity which provides practical and emotional support for autistic and disabled children. Founded in 2000 by John Caudwell, the charity has provided support worth £85million for over 65,000 children with 700 different medical conditions.

In 2019 the charity officially launched the Caudwell International Children’s Centre, the UK’s first independent purpose-built facility for the assessment, support and research of autism.

Mrs Brown added: “This will be my first time engaging philanthropically in the disability sector. My career thus far is comprised of prisoner advocacy, housing solutions for homeless women and their families, refugee aid, peer counseling, and support of underage victims of the sex trade. Caudwell Children’s holistic approach to helping disabled and autistic children, however, will be anything but foreign to me. Focused on family inclusivity and “big picture” thinking, Caudwell Children supports the village as much as the child — a method of healing which produces the best results, in every program I’ve ever worked with. I am thrilled to take my role in The Life-Changers Circle, an opportunity to impact the invaluable lives of our future generations.”

Membership of The Life-Changers Circle is strictly by invite only but to find out more contact Jo-Ann D’Costa-Manuel by emailing