Short Breaks

Short Breaks

Often disabled children are told they can’t do anything adventurous like orienteering, sailing or taking part in sports and arts activities.

With Caudwell Children’s support, anything is possible. Our vision is to enable every disabled child to access fun, inspirational and challenging leisure activities that build life skills and promote independence whilst providing carers with vital short break respite.

With our support, disabled children and young people get to explore their interests, talents and develop vital life skills. Together we plan a range of fun and challenging learning activities that meet individual needs. Activities can lead to ASDAN accreditation.

Short break activities build future hopes and aspirations and provide children with the confidence to achieve their full potential.

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Short Breaks

August 2020

During the month of August, we are offering a family activity conducted via Zoom.

Sign up to this activity and you will receive a food delivery containing lots of different ingredients. Included in your delivery will be gluten free sponge and muffin mix kindly donated by Flower & White.

You will then join our Zoom call where we will cook some delicious snacks, play some games and do some food challenges. The call will last for 2 hours, but we will take lots of breaks and you will have lots of fun!

Make sure to send us pictures of your amazing creations once they are completed! Flower & White will be judging our very own Bake Off!

This is designed as a family activity so there will be lots for everyone to join in with.

You will need access to a kitchen with basic equipment, bowls, spoons, oven etc, and be able to join the session via Zoom.

Please complete the form below and we will give you a call to check details such as allergies and provide you more information about the content of the session.

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Find out more about our exciting virtual ASDAN LifeSkills Challenge, which covers a comprehensive range of different topics, including personal finance, number handling, teamwork, and more.

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Short Breaks


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Our official legal partners, Irwin Mitchell, provides access to medical care, rehabilitation and support to children with disability.

As a long-time supporter of Caudwell Children and families with disability, Irwin Mitchell has helped countless parents achieve the best possible outcome for their child. You can make a free, no-obligation enquiry with a member of their dedicated team of solicitors or read more about the services they provide: