Short Breaks

Short Breaks

Often disabled children are told they can’t do anything adventurous like orienteering, sailing or taking part in sports and arts activities.

With Caudwell Children’s support, anything is possible. Our vision is to enable every disabled child to access fun, inspirational and challenging leisure activities that build life skills and promote independence whilst providing carers with vital short break respite.

With our support, disabled children and young people get to explore their interests, talents and develop vital life skills. Together we plan a range of fun and challenging learning activities that meet individual needs. Activities can lead to ASDAN accreditation.

Short break activities build future hopes and aspirations and provide children with the confidence to achieve their full potential.

If you would like more information on Caudwell Children’s Short Breaks please call the Short Breaks team on 01782 433 613 or email

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Short Breaks


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Find out more about our exciting virtual ASDAN LifeSkills Challenge, which covers a comprehensive range of different topics, including personal finance, number handling, teamwork, and more.

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