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Birthday Fundraisers

Birthday fundraisers are an easy way for you to ask friends, colleagues and family to donate to a cause close to you.

See our guides below to how you can set up your quick and easy fundraiser ready for your big day.

How to set up your birthday fundraiser

Facebook Fundraiser

Find out how to set up your own birthday fundraiser on Facebook.

JustGiving Fundraiser

Download our JustGiving fundraising guide.

Need Inspiration?

See our helpful tips and ideas guide.

How to setup your Facebook Fundraiser

1. Visit the Facebook page.

2. Select your chosen cause – we are listed as Caudwell Children.

3. Choose your fundraising goal.

4. Decide when you’d like your birthday fundraiser.

5. Give your fundraiser a title.

6. Select why you’re fundraising.

7. Choose your photo you would like to use and simply click ‘Create’.

Now just share with your friends and connections. When your fundraiser ends, you don’t have to do anything at all – Caudwell Children will receive the funds you have raised and 100% of all donations will go to the cause.

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